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Adam Medvedev’s Song “Numb” Is Taking the Internet by Storm

Adam Medvedev
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Adam Medvedev’s Song “Numb” Is Taking the Internet by Storm

Adam “Sneakz” Medvedev’s song “Numb” is a rising hit on the internet as of late. His song has a smooth and catchy vibe to it. Definitely a song that you can kick back and relax your feet to. The sounds and flow in this song are what really make it stand out and enjoyable to listen to. Adam has been taking the music scene into his own hands as of late.

The 22-year-old superstar artist is quickly gaining tons of notoriety and attention for his music. He has gained over 1 million combined followers over all of his social media platforms, Tik Tok being the highest. Adam credits his hard work and perseverance to his success today. “I like to consider myself a very consistent person. Being that consistent person has gotten me to the place I am today. It is my hard work day and day out that has gotten me here and it will continue to open new doors for me”, he states.

His song, “Numb” is definitely a hit as of late. He states, “I just really like my flow on that song. I think that is a song that anyone can vibe to and really fits into any type of mood. When I hear the lyrics, it just brings me to an easy summer day with my friends. That’s kind of the vibe it gives me.” “Numb” is definitely a vibe and I know others are looking forward to the next banger that he will drop soon.

Follow Adam on Instagram: @sneakz

Follow Adam on Tik Tok: @adammedvedev

Check out the song below:

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