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Artist Jeremiah GvG Inspires To Help People All While Creating His Own Music

Jeremiah GvG
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Artist Jeremiah GvG Inspires To Help People All While Creating His Own Music

Coming from New Jersey, independent Egyptian artist Jeremiah GvG is constantly plotting his next move when it comes to his upcoming music. Not only that, but while working with global marketing agency Everyday Success Team, his goal is to be also able to create a lane for underground melodic hip hop artists to establish themselves and help out other creative minds while impacting as many people as possible.

Jeremiah GvG also emphasizes the importance of God throughout his life which helped him get through hard times and the passing of his older brother; “I want people to feel relieved that someone out there feels their struggles and understand that God is always by your side”. When asked about his background he states, “Growing up I was always a creative person thinking outside the box and always wanted to help other people out. Day in and day out, I continue dedicating everything I do to my older blood brother who passed away at a young age. God is good all the time, he has a plan painted for me and for everyone else”. Through the tragic passing of his brother, Jeremiah GvG finds the good as he has found a completely new journey creating an image for himself in the music industry. 

Check out Jeremiah GvG’s latest single “DOING GOOD” and stay tuned for another single, “Work” along with a “DOING GOOD” music video dropping within the next few months.  

Follow Jeremiah GvG on Instagram: @jeremiahgvg

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