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Premiere: Broken Social Contract Introduces “Simple Things”

Broken Social Contract
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Premiere: Broken Social Contract Introduces “Simple Things”

Alt-rock outfit Broken Social Contract, fronted by Justin Donnelly, unveils their latest single, “Simple Things,” a track lifted from their forthcoming album, 11 Songs From 11 Personalities.

Broken Social Contract explains the song, “This is not a success story. This is a song that remains unfinished, a testament to the promise I have made to myself to find love, friendship, and truth. I have broken this promise time and time again, but this is my recommitment to prioritize the Simple Things in life and I call you to do the same. Find friendship, love, and truth within yourself and never give up, even if it kills you.”

Produced by Jim Ebert, “Simple Things” features the talents of Buddy Spiers (guitars), Eric Scott (bass) and Andy Hamburger (drums).

Talking about the impending album, 11 Songs From 11 Personalities, Donnelly shares, “For once, I wanted to take all of my personalities and let them find their own true voice.  As a whole, they were being muffled and distorted, always trying to fit into a box.  As individuals, they finally have true lyrical and musical clarity.”

“Simple Things” opens on shimmering colors, followed by a platinum-flavored guitar rolling into a measured rhythm. Gleaming harmonic accents travel overhead, infusing the tune with heady kaleidoscopic textures. A remote, wailing guitar fills the backdrop with probing tones, mirroring the exploratory heart of the song.

Donnelly’s vibrant tenor infuses the lyrics with tight, passionate timbres, imparting the tune with the essence of the human condition.

“Here lies a man, suffering his ills / But he still tries to bring, light into this world / He suffers, every day / From addictions to so many, so many things / But the simple things that make us whole / Like love, sweet love / And truth, sweet truth / And friends, sweet friends / That define the simple things.”

On “Simple Things,” Broken Social Contract conveys the significance of simple things amid the complexities of existence.

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