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Wishbone New York: The Clothing Line helping tackle the Drug Epidemic

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Danielle Moinet Modeling Wishbone New York


Wishbone New York: The Clothing Line helping tackle the Drug Epidemic

Margaret Pattillo has just dropped her first clothing line – and she’s
donating a portion of its revenue to drug prevention

When lifestyle, fashion and celebrity photographer Margaret Pattillo
started Wishbone earlier this year, she knew she had to make a
difference. That’s why she decided to donate 5% of her company’s
revenue to non-profits which help to curb the drug epidemic.

Predominantly selling chic loungewear and cosy basics, the new
premium clothing line – which prides itself over its unbeatable quality
and value for money – is making itself known. Within just months of
launching, it has already caught the attention of some known faces,
including Dale Moss, Danielle Moinet, Jacob Hollister and Jamillette

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Dale Moss In Wishbone New York

Pattillo has openly shared the motivations behind her philanthropy:
“As someone who’s personally dealt with the detrimental effects of
drug abuse at a young age and the crippling impact it has on those
surrounding you, I’ve always known it’s my obligation to use my
story and experiences to help others”.

She continues, “that is why drug prevention, especially starting with
young people, is a clear and concise mission in which I strive to
make an impact.”

Crafted out of three-end knitting process, the fleece hoodies
guarantee unbeatable comfort. Likewise, the crewneck shirts are
premium heavyweight, providing an outfit that feels as good as it

The collection features a selection of unisex hoodies, crewneck
jumpers and tees, as well as a limited-edition range, with each piece
of apparel sporting eye-catching printed graphics.

The new range has been named in Buzzfeed as one of “29 Fashion
Pieces Your Best Friend Will Probably Steal Right Out Of Your

If you are interested in supporting this brand and cause, visit the
website at


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