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Real Estate Investor James Vitas Purchases 94 S Hibiscus Drive In Miami

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Real Estate Investor James Vitas Purchases 94 S Hibiscus Drive In Miami

James Vitas, a Massachusett‘s based real estate Investor has recently acquired 94 S. Hibiscus Drive in Miami Beach, Florida, for a price that has not yet been publicized. 

Growing up in Boston, MA, James Vitas founded Real Estate Investment, Acquisitions & Development company VMD Companies in 2004.  

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94 S Hibiscus Drive, Miami

James has dedicated himself to creating meaningful change in the world and has invested in multiple startups, as well as sitting on the board of a medical company that focuses on developing groundbreaking microbiome therapeutics. 

The Hibiscus Island property sits on an expansive lot with 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, 4 full bathrooms, and 1 half bathroom. 

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James Vitas

The property, located at 94 S Hibiscus Drive in Miami, will become James’ primary Miami residence after completing extensive renovations.

This less-than-a-quarter-acre lot is 10,500 square feet in size.

James has been making profitable real estate investments and acquisitions over the whole of South Florida for over a decade. He currently spends his time between New York, Miami and Massachusetts.

According to those who are familiar with his thinking, he has singled out this specific piece of real estate as an opportunity that, on the basis of his expert evaluation and expertise, he believes has the potential to be a fruitful investment and views as having a long term potential for growth.

James has already begun making improvements to the property in preparation for transforming it into a Miami home with eight bedrooms.

James continues to demonstrate his astuteness by making astute investments, which, in turn, provide great returns not just for James but also for his investors.


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