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How Streamer and Entertainer Absorber Has Separated Himself From The Competition

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How Streamer and Entertainer Absorber Has Separated Himself From The Competition

With the recent boom in video game streaming and content creation, it can be hard for young entertainers to establish themselves in the industry. Houston-based creator Absorber is a musician, entertainer, streamer, and social media phenom who has built a reach of over 8,000,000 followers across his platforms. In an interview, he spoke to the mindset that has helped him reach this point. He reveals, “To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be highly energetic and motivated. You cannot be afraid of failing. You need to fail to succeed, and I think that’s the best way to put it. Put your mind to something, and get it done.”

Absorber, whose real name is Hamzah Saadah, also talked to the specific traits that set him apart. “I am very hard-working, motivated, and I am NOT afraid to fail. You need to fail to succeed at the end of the day, and I stand by that. I do not stop until I get to where I want to be, and I also try my best to be as inspirational as possible to my audience.” This combination has allowed Absorber to grow his audience despite early failed attempts at creating non-gaming content, and it is sure to propel him toward the vision he has for the future. He disclosed, “I think one of my next big moves would have to be starting up my own gaming organization. I have not mentioned this anywhere before, but it may or may not already be in the works.”

The success Absorber has experienced, he credits to his mother, who he says, “has been by my side through everything, and I would not be anywhere without her.” Additionally, he credits his YouTube inspiration to creators such as Ownage Pranks, MrBeast, and Roman Atwood. Absorber closed with the message, “one thing that I really want is just to entertain and spread positivity to as many people as possible. I am doing pretty well right now, and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon.”

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