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From Security Systems Sales to Forex Trading Mastery: Michael Jenkins’ Inspiring Journey

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From Security Systems Sales to Forex Trading Mastery: Michael Jenkins’ Inspiring Journey

The founder of the FreeLife101 Investment Group, Michael Jenkins, embodies the power of perseverance, hard work, and a positive mindset in achieving success. His journey saw him transition from a 12-year stint as a door-to-door salesman of home security systems to becoming an accomplished Forex trader and educator. His desire for an income without dependency on a customer’s spending habits led him towards Forex trading.

Jenkins’ introduction to Forex was through a multi-level marketing company more bent on expanding its network rather than educational focus. To gain a deeper understanding of Forex trading, Jenkins procured a coach who simplified the complex process and together, they developed a comprehensive program that allowed for quick learning and profiting.

FreeLife101, the company Jenkins helms today, is renowned for its unique approach to Forex trading that simplifies the process to such an extent that even children can grasp it. The company empowers parents to learn Forex trading, enabling them to leave their jobs and pass on this skill to their children, thereby facilitating generational wealth creation.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of Jenkins’ role is witnessing people break away from jobs they detest and live a life of freedom. He boasts of retiring over 300 students, mentoring a millionaire student, and receiving the 2 comma club award from Click Funnels for hitting the million-dollar mark in his coaching business.

Even though Jenkins had a challenging upbringing in a single-parent household, struggled in school, and dropped out of college, he persevered and adopted a mindset of infinite potential. He advocates that successful entrepreneurs need to train their minds to become above-average, attract what they visualize, and be passionate about their work.

Jenkins’ remarkable success story serves as a beacon for anyone dreaming of financial liberation and generational wealth creation. His ambitious vision is to set up success camps worldwide that offer free boarding schools for homeless individuals. These camps will offer programs for personal development, fitness, and trade learning, all while maintaining a strict policy against substance abuse.

To learn more about Jenkins and his work, visit, enroll in the free Forex Fortunes Course, and apply for coaching. But be quick, as spots are filling up fast with the academy running at 90% capacity most of the time. Stay in touch with Michael Jenkins by following him on Instagram.

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