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A Closer Look at Allison Kane’s Songwriting Style

A Closer Look at Allison Kane’s Songwriting Style
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A Closer Look at Allison Kane’s Songwriting Style

Meet Allison Kane, one of social media’s most-followed underground musicians. She is recognized for her modern punk-rock sound and piercing voice – Reminiscent of Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson’s earlier works.

Similar to Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift’s use of storytelling in their songwriting, Allison’s lyrical compositions also tell stories, but in an unconventional way – stream-of-consciousness writing.

Stream-of-consciousness writing means to put down your thoughts as they occur to you – literally a continuous stream of thoughts, ideas, and opinions in as close to real-time as you can get.

A Closer Look at Allison Kane’s Songwriting Style
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One of the most interesting (some might say negative) characteristics of stream of consciousness is the fact that there is no time for correction. No editing. It’s simply whatever you think, in one long continuous narrative. Her five-million Instagram fans absolutely love this – and the vibe is similar to watching her directly talk to the individual whom the song is about.

In September of 2023, she independently released “Next Life”, a power ballad detailing her relationship with an ex-boyfriend who left her to join the United States Air Force, never returning to her. The song marked Kane’s first entry into the Spotify Top 50, peaking at number 8. The accompanying music video also marks Kane’s directorial debut, based on the events that inspired the song. The story resonated with fans worldwide, with thousands of fans creating videos using the song across TikTok, Instagram, CapCut, and YouTube shorts.

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