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Meet Olivia Pascale, Jessica Martin & Anna McKitrick of The Influencers Assistant Course

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Meet Olivia Pascale, Jessica Martin & Anna McKitrick of The Influencers Assistant Course

Olivia Pascale, Jessica Martin & Anna McKitrick are Miami based entrepreneurs who recently founded The Influencers Assistant Course. Olivia Pascale & Jessica Martin are full time influencers and Anna McKitrick has had many years of experience as an influencers assistant. Together the trio launched The Influencers Assistant Course.

You recently launched The Influencers Assistant Course, a course designed for anyone looking to enter the industry. Our readers would love to learn more about this.

This course is about learning how to become an Influencer’s Assistant. So it’s for anyone looking for a job in that social media space. This job can really vary. There are jobs out there that are 3-10 hours a work that’s perfect for a remote side hustle. Then you can also be a full time influencer’s assistant, helping with everything from content creation, creating shot lists, campaign management, video editing, inbox management and so much more. The course teaches you how to do all of these things and how to land the job of your dreams that’s perfect for you in your current situation. 

When did you all enter the influencer industry?

Jess – I entered the influencer industry after freelancing as a model and realizing that I could monetize my Instagram. What I was making at a full day’s shoot, I could make in a single post. Upon that realization was when I stopped modeling all together and put all my efforts and energy into growing my platforms.

Liv – similarly to Jess, I started my Instagram account back in 2015 simply to share my modeling photos and as the influencer industry started to grow I grew with it. 

Anna – I really wasn’t happy with my current career path and I wanted more freedom. I was an actor (The Little Things with Denzel Washington, Colin in Black and White on Netflix) and while that’s super fun, I definitely wasn’t able to work remotely. I also wasn’t able to choose the projects I worked on or brands I worked with and I really didn’t like that. I really enjoyed social media and I saw people making money in that industry, so I pivoted. I started as a microinfluencer and before long, I got a job as Jess and Liv’s assistant. 

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Jessica Martin

What has changed over the years in this industry and how has that shaped your new business?

Honestly, everything has changed. Influencer has shifted to much more video, TikTok absolutely blew up, the style of content has completely changed. There are so many more influencers and content creators. The influencer marketing industry was valued at $16.4 billion in 2022. That’s an 18.8% annual increase from 2021. This industry is booming and growing every year.

What 3 tips would you give to any aspiring influencer’s assistant?

First of all: take our course. Seriously; there’s everything in there you need to know. We also have a waitlist of influencers waiting to hire our students and we include a facebook group where we post job postings from influencers hiring. This isn’t a job you can just pick up and learn (unless it’s at the expense of someone else) so we’re teaching the A-Z of this position, both from the Influencer’s standpoint and the assistant’s POV.

Where can our readers buy this program? 


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