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River Unveils Catchy “Inappropriate”

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River Unveils Catchy “Inappropriate”

California-bred, Hamburg-based duo River introduces their first single/music video, “Inappropriate,” a song about breaking up and finding liberation in the midst of emotional calamity.

Talking about “Inappropriate,” the duo shares, “This song is like traveling back in time to when we were still kids living each day to the fullest, not a care in the world. Not taking life and ourselves too seriously can be a lot harder than expected but with just the right bit of distance it’s a lot less drama than you think.”

The imaginative, witty lyrics deliver a tongue-in-cheek perspective on the dissolution of romance.

“But baby, sometimes the world is a mystery / It feels like perfect harmony / And then you break it to me / I really don’t know how you can leave me now / I was in the middle of finishing high school / I was in the middle of eating my ice cream / This is so inappropriate, you’re so inappropriate.”

The video, directed by Jarred Figgins, shows a young woman holding and then letting go of her ice cream cone, a reaction to the realization she’s just been disposed of. After standing immobile for a few seconds, she races to her car and drives away, ending up on a highway snaking along beside the ocean.

Brimming with retro tinctures of new wave aromas, flavored by delicious indie-pop energy, “Inappropriate” features evocative vocals chronicling the vagaries of life and romance. A potently driving rhythm gives the tune infectious cadence as tantalizing pop hues infuse the harmonics with alluring textures.

River has it going on! “Inappropriate” rolls out on enticing washes of sound, offering a scrummy pop song laced with dazzling sonic dynamics and pungent drollness.

Photo: Filip Piskorzynski

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