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Music Video Premiere: Estani Frizzell Unveils “Tell Me Why”

Estani Frizzell
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Music Video Premiere: Estani Frizzell Unveils “Tell Me Why”

Singer-songwriter Estani Frizzell introduces her brand-new music video, “Tell Me Why,” a song probing the enigma of dissension among people, who could change the world by means of respect and patience.

Directed by Estani, the video depicts a group of dancers who have dipped their hands in various colors of paint. Explaining the painted hands, which symbolize various manufactured standards – beauty, culture, race, ego, politics – Estani says, “For me, adding the paint was a way of expressing the equality of each individual. The focus becomes more about the paint than the people, representative of the collective unity, rather than the stand-alone as individuals.”

The visuals range from an array of hands turning and flexing to members of the group painting each other, smearing bright colors across faces and clothing. In the midst of the activity, Estani appears, delivering the song’s meaningful lyrics in her delicious voice.

“Ooh Tell Me Why / We don’t feel the same / Why we find someone else to blame / Leave behind your own legacy / Make it what it’s supposed to be / Hey Hey Hey, Tell Me Why / Why so much hesitation / Why no motivation to fly, ooh yeah yeah.”

Based in Austin, Texas, Estani has fronted Ascension, supported Italian pop star Laura Pausini and multiple Grammy winner Joan Sebastian, as well as having performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival and L.A.’s Staples Center. Her sound blends savors of jazz, reggae, salsa, pop, and neo-soul into vibrant sonic concoctions.

“Tell Me Why” opens on a rounded drum shuffle flowing into a reggae-flavored melody with hints of jazz and pop tangs. Tight, finessed percussion and a fat bassline provides the tasty rhythm as a skiffing guitar and braying brass imbue the tune with undulating colors.

As luscious as the music is, the highlight of “Tell Me Why” is the swanky soulful voice of Estani, whose nuanced timbres infuse the lyrics with voluptuous Latin vibes.

Estani Frizzell has it going on! “Tell Me Why” pushes out sensuous waves of sound topped by the crème de la crème voice of Estani.

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