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Visugu Discuss How to Promote YouTube With SEO

Visugu Discuss How to Promote YouTube With SEO
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Visugu Discuss How to Promote YouTube With SEO

You may be wondering where to market YouTube videos free of charge. You should know that YouTube’s site is your first choice.  Let’s take a look at this mini how-to-guide:

1. Look for the Keyword

In the world of search engine optimization or SEO, it all begins with the primary topic and transforming it into a keyword.

Are you unfamiliar with what keywords are? Look at it this way: When you’re searching for content on YouTube, and in so doing, you put in a specific term in the search box, that’s a keyword. Therefore, the number one task on your list to promote your YouTube channel is to determine your user’s intent and build a list of potential keywords that you think searchers will type in when they search for content.

Hundreds of SEO tools exist to help you determine what keywords your users are searching for. If you’re a beginner, we recommend simple, user-friendly tools such as AnswerThe Public and Ubersuggest. Both are easy to use, intuitive, and very helpful for promoting YouTube videos free of charge.

2. Create Your Headline

Once you have your primary keyword, put that keyword in your video title. SEO gets hard for beginners because you’ll need to add the data to your content even though you have the data.

Be sure to put our main keyword at the start of your video title, if you can. Also, remember that the title you create needs to be catchy, compelling, natural, and keyword-optimized.

3. Include a Description

However, you may think that creating content and putting it on Youtube with your Cathy title is enough.  It’s not!

A video description is where you share information with your viewers.  It’s also an excellent place where you can add keywords so that you’ll get ranked higher on YouTube. Within your description, you should add your primary keyword and then some minor, related keywords.

Let’s say you want to upload a video regarding a new video game debut. In the description, you’ll want to include the game’s title and extra keywords, such as “new video game,” or you could include the company releasing it.

4. Include Tags

Tags on YouTube work as guides for the YouTube algorithm.  The tags get an idea of your video and then deliver it as related content positioned next to videos other YouTubers upload. Tags play an essential part in YouTube search results, and they determine how high your videos will rank on YouTube. To help your video rank highly, hire a YouTube video editor.

There are incidents where YouTube users attempt to trick YouTube into ranking their content high by using irrelevant keywords. This is something you shouldn’t do! This is considered spam, and you could face a penalty. Remember, when it comes to Google, they rarely forget.



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