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Supporting, representing, and creating awareness for veterans, Veteran Benefits Australia makes a positive difference

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Supporting, representing, and creating awareness for veterans, Veteran Benefits Australia makes a positive difference

Veteran Benefits Australia is driven by its mission to be there for veterans and ex-ADF members by assisting them with varied services after completing military service.

A few professionals run consistently behind their personal goals and wins. And then there are a few rare gems that go ahead in establishing platforms and programs to benefit and positively impact lives. We couldn’t help but notice how Thomas Bailey, founder of Veteran Benefits Australia, stunned everyone doing the same.

On asking what really is Veteran Benefits Australia and how it’s changing the lives of veterans, Thomas Bailey highlights that after feeling frustrated noticing a lack of easy-to-access knowledge and assistance for minority groups, he thought of creating this community as a way to discover new and revolutionary treatments and creating a source to the point resources that all veterans can trust.

He further points out how more than half a million Australians have served the nation or are currently serving in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), of which several have identified as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin, and some others are females. This shed more light on how there has been a significant lack of support and assistance for minority soldiers and within the veteran community. This ignited the fire within Bailey to establish Veteran Benefits Australia.

The community aims to help Aussie veterans find the services they are entitled to and provide them with their much-deserved support, awareness, and representation as minority soldiers, female veterans, and LGBTQI+. 

Michele Scherr, an Air Force veteran and mother to two, shares how she still never felt like being a part of the community even after serving for 20 years as a Royal Australian Air Force Nursing Officer. Brodie Moore, another veteran and now a nurse at Veteran Benefits Australia, shares that he saw several soldiers lose their lives to suicide after they returned home because they lacked the support transitioning to civilian life. Several such reasons have motivated veterans like these to serve others through Veteran Benefits Australia.

Veteran Benefits Australia (@veteransbenefitsaus) is a purpose-driven community that supports the veteran community by giving them easy and quick access to information and services like allied health programs, veteran health plans, legal services and claims, online services at home, medication management programs, and more.

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