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Alexandra Kazakova has Launched Petition To Unite Musicians and Urge FlixBus to Reconsider its Luggage Policies

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Alexandra Kazakova has Launched Petition To Unite Musicians and Urge FlixBus to Reconsider its Luggage Policies

[Bergamo, Italy] FlixBus, a leading player in the transportation industry, finds itself under scrutiny as the spotlight turns to its policies regarding musical instruments following a public plea from Alexandra Kazakova, an aspiring jazz guitarist. The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the treatment of musicians and the need for awareness among transportation professionals.

In a heartfelt letter addressed to André Schwämmlein, CEO of FlixBus, Alexandra Kazakova sheds light on the challenges musicians face when traveling with instruments. Despite multiple attempts to communicate – emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and reaching out via Instagram – Alexandra has faced a week of silence, questioning the responsiveness of FlixBus’s customer service.

The crux of Alexandra’s message revolves around a plea for understanding and respect for musicians’ instruments during transit. The frustration extends to the lack of acknowledgment and responsiveness from FlixBus, raising concerns about the company’s commitment to customer service.

“After 17 years of working in hospitality, I never thought that it could be possible to just block your customers instead of responding to them. A new way to do business, indeed! Leading by example couldn’t have been done better! Kudos, André! The maestro of customer service,” remarks Alexandra, highlighting the irony in the CEO’s silence.

The call for change is not just about the inconvenience but also about recognizing the sentimental value attached to musical instruments. Alexandra’s case brings to the forefront the need for bus companies to educate their staff on the fragility of musical instruments and the importance of treating them with care.

To add context to the situation, Alexandra includes a LinkedIn post from André Schwämmlein himself, emphasizing the dissonance between the CEO’s public statements and the alleged disregard for customer concerns.

Alexandra wants to create awareness about the specific incident and the broader issue of musician-friendly travel policies. Alexandra’s polite and constructive approach invites a dialogue, urging FlixBus and other transportation companies to reconsider their policies and prioritize the needs of musicians.

For those interested in joining the conversation or supporting the cause, please visit

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