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The Band Night Talks Releases Summer Hit “Overcome”

Night Talks
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The Band Night Talks Releases Summer Hit “Overcome”

After four years of silence and no music being released, the Los Angeles band Night Talks is back. They just released their song “Overcome,” which is also accompanied by a music video. “Overcome” is is the first single off of their upcoming album “Same Time Tomorrow.”

The new single marks a fresh start for not only Night Talks, as it’s been four years since their last release, but for their fans and listeners as well. This song couldn’t have come at a better time as the world finally begins to reopen and people look to see their lives go back to normal. “Overcome” is a feel-good summer vibe that could brighten anybody’s day.

Soraya, a member of the band, has this to say about that new song, “Overcome is about the dissolution of a friendship. I feel like friend breakups are just as painful as romantic relationship breakups, but they can feel so much weirder. Sometimes you grow out of friendships or grow apart from each other, and sometimes you realize that the friendship isn’t serving either person in a positive or healthy way.”

“Overcome” is a very unique song and one that’s well worth looking into. The music video for it does a great job of bringing the song to life and also puts forth Night Talks reintroduction. Check out the music video on YouTube and follow Night Talks on Instagram below.

Night Talks Instagram: @night_talks

“Overcome” Offical Music Video:

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