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Ricky Niemann AKA RICKY Drops Party Anthem of The Summer “OD”

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Ricky Niemann AKA RICKY Drops Party Anthem of The Summer “OD”

Growing up in Santa Rosa, California, Ricky Niemann aka RICKY, always dreamed of becoming a rap icon. When he was 14 years old Ricky Niemann aka RICKY got his start in the music industry upon taking a job as a promoter for Showout Entertainment. He dedicated his time and energy into learning everything the music industry had to offer and backed his newfound knowledge base with a relentless hustle to succeed. Within a few short years, Ricky Niemann aka RICKY swiftly climbed the ranks within the company and became one of the top promoters the industry had to offer. Ricky Niemann aka RICKY was notorious for throwing monumental events and even set records for events held in the North Bay area.

While attending high school Ricky Niemann aka RICKY intuitively felt it was time to expand his horizons and start creating music of his own. He started his own record label Rose City Entertainment, LLC and signed himself as an independent artist. After studying rappers from the likes of Mac Miller, and Kid Cudi, Ricky Niemann aka RICKY felt the most advantageous musical path for himself was to create uplifting, high energy party music. When listening to his music Ricky Niemann aka RICKY wants his fans “to leave with a feeling that they are understood. I want them to understand that someone else is going through the same things they are.”

On March 4th Ricky Niemann aka RICKY released his debut single “OD”. It’s inspired by being in the party scene of life, and not wanting to OD. The Fentanyl epidemic is running rampant and Ricky Niemann aka RICKY wants to bring awareness to this situation. The music industry has tragically lost many legendary rappers in recent years like Mac Miller, Lil Peep, and Juice WRLD to drugs, so Ricky Niemann aka RICKY felt in his heart he wanted to create a song dedicated to them.

You can check out “OD” on Spotify and be sure to follow this rising superstar on Instagram for announcements regarding his next body of work.

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