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Smokey Wild Brings Positive Vibes

Smokey Wild
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Smokey Wild Brings Positive Vibes

Smokey Wild was born and raised in Compton, California where he created his sound and paved his own path in the music industry. His brother’s interest in rapping was a heavy influence on him. Soon after he started freestyling with his cousin and friends at the age of twelve. He really developed his skills and art in the ninth grade and started to get serious about this art being a career. Following this major growth in his passion, were tough and trying years where he overcame hardships in prison. Through this experience, he became more inspired and focused on his path in music.

Currently, Smokey Wild is an independent artist with his label, GAME ELEVATION. This name was inspired by Smokey Wild’s constant pursuit to raise his game to the highest level. Smokey Wild’s vision is for people to feel inspired, motivated, and understood by his music. He creates music that is real and true to his life so that the songs are relatable to the listener.

He is his own writer but has a powerful team of producers, J Lee and Press Play, and a creative engineer, Tracey Lane. This team works cohesively to harmonize all their sounds and ideas to create Smokey Wild’s vibe. He holds a lot of pride and faith in his team due to their harmonization of ideas and sounds.

Smokey Wild has had success with his two songs, BEAT IT UP and GET DOE, which can be found on all platforms. He is confident that his new release, BALENCIAGA will grow his fanbase and continue the positive vibes he has already put out. Smokey Wild’s sound will motivate and inspire all types of listeners!

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