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Play It Again The App That’s Gamifying Music

Play It Again – The App That’s Gamifying Music
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Play It Again The App That’s Gamifying Music

Play It Again The App That’s Gamifying Music.

In a continuously evolving world, technology has connected us across the globe, continuing to draw us closer together. In the midst of this everlasting evolution, music still remains a mysterious, cultural enigma, seemingly feeding our thirst for “the other.”

Music, like any other art, continues to be a representation and opportunity for expression in any culture; it opens up a door to another world, other people. Magically, music has a nationality, cultural connection, and identity… but it can span across any cultural, socioeconomic status, and racial lines. It’s truly beautiful.

Play It Again – The App That’s Gamifying Music
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Play It Again, a new, innovative music game on the App Store, is aiming to bring out the beauty in exploring music through gamification. This highly addictive, multi-player game challenges players to explore their musical creativity and knowledge while trying to win over their peers. It combines our instinctive nature to compete with our continuously evolving love for music.

This app merges the concept of vulgar card games with SmartTV party games, creating a unique experience we can enjoy with family and friends, both in-person and remotely. You’ll find yourselves magically losing track of time as you eagerly anticipate the next round’s category only to challenge your own musical creativity while competing with your friends and family.

Play It Again – The App That’s Gamifying Music
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To play this game, all you need is a premium Spotify or Apple Music account. For in-person play, only a host needs a premium account; for remote play, all players need a premium account. As the game is started, the game code is generated – this code will be used by other players to join the game. As the host starts the game, immediately the first round starts, generating a category (e.g. “The Color Blue”); the players, including the host, need to then search the app for songs that “best fit” that category.

Once all songs are picked, they play automatically for all players at random. The host reserves skipping capabilities, but once they reach the end of the song list, the players are presented with the songs that played throughout the round; this is where the peer voting aspect comes in. Now, all players have to pick what song they thought “best fit” the category; no voting for yourself by the way.

Play It Again – The App That’s Gamifying Music
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The votes are added up and points distributed accordingly, determining a winner for the round. Then, the host can pick to start the next round, generating a new category for the new round from a library of 500+ categories. A simple concept driving creativity, competition, and endless fun!

This game is truly a new way of experiencing and exploring music with your friends and family. It started with a Swedish family passing a phone around the kitchen table on wine nights; now it’s a full iOS application reaching thousands of users across the world, and growing. Try it out! Play it remotely! Share your love of music with others! Play it for hours… then Play It Again.

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