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Getting Woovey-A Close Look At The Woovebox

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Behind The Scenes

Getting Woovey-A Close Look At The Woovebox

Ivo Jager is the creator of the brand new pocket sized synth/sequencer/sampler/ called the Woovebox.
“The Woovebox is the final result of an on-again off-again obsession that has spanned 25(!) years. The challenge that started in 1998, was to create a hyper-efficient, small, portable, affordable, self-contained music production station exclusively with off-the-shelf parts – rather than custom ICs – using highly optimized programming.”

some people would call Ivo a madman, some would call him a genius, what he is, is a man with a passion.
he is a “signal processing nerd” (His words) who has a passion with astrophotography – He is the author of specialized astrophotography image processing software “StarTools” (it’s like a Photoshop with special functionality for taking pictures of astronomical objects like galaxies and nebulas).” so how does this translate into music? the astrophotography dont, i just thought i was cool to mention. but now we get to the REAL story.

E2 80 8EWoovebox groovebox . E2 80 8E001 678x381 1
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So first were gonna address the elephant in the room. yes this device looks like it took a lot of cues from Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator series. which Ivo himself admits, but it was more of a cost and function decision (you’ll see later) and as an owner of several TE devices i will say that TE NEEDS to hire this man!! the Woovebox is what the OP-Z should have been. (but i digress) a few people have reservations about the the $249 price tag, but not enough to keep the unit from selling out its first batch.

“The Woovebox is a workstation/groovebox that does more with less. It aims to make music production simpler, cheaper and more portable by condensing a powerful music workstation/studio into a small pocket-sized device – all through aggressive hardware and software optimization.” this should sum it up, but lets dive deeper..

E2 80 8EWoovebox. E2 80 8E001
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Synth Engine:

The heart of the Woovebox boasts a 16-part multi-timbral synth engine, offering a playground of sonic potential. Among its 16 tracks, one stands out with four voices of polyphony, while the remaining 15 tracks can handle 4-voice paraphonic or mono sounds. This diversity ensures that you can craft a rich and layered sonic landscape.

What truly sets the Woovebox apart is its synthesis capabilities. With 16 versatile synthesis algorithms and 17 low-aliasing oscillator models, you have a palette of sound at your fingertips. From classic virtual analog tones to FM, super saw, AM, ringmod, and x0x percussion, the possibilities are endless. You can even choose two oscillator models per voice, allowing for complex, evolving textures.


The sequencer in the Woovebox is a creative powerhouse in its own right. It offers 16 tracks, patterns, and steps, opening up a world of possibilities for composition and arrangement. Whether you’re into syncopated beats or melodic explorations, this sequencer can handle it all.

With the ability to send sync and MIDI to control external gear, the Woovebox seamlessly integrates into your studio setup. Plus, you can export your compositions as WAV files, complete with dry and wet stems, making it easy to share your music with the world.

Heres A Quick Audio Demo


Sampling is a key element of modern music production, and the Woovebox excels in this department as well. Its 44.1kHz/8-bit sampler allows you to create 16 user kits of 16 samples each. Whether you want to sample external sounds via the 3.5mm input or import digital samples via Bluetooth, the Woovebox has you covered.

But it doesn’t stop there – you can mangle, slice, chop, and re-arrange your samples with ease. Additionally, you can use live input as an oscillator model and even resample the internal synthesizer, providing an array of sonic possibilities for producers of all genres.

In conclusion, the Woovebox is a true game-changer for electronic musicians and producers. With its powerful synth engine, versatile sequencer, and feature-rich sampler, it empowers you to explore new sonic territories and bring your creative visions to life. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your musical journey, the Woovebox is a must-have tool that will inspire and elevate your music production endeavors. Embrace the future of music-making with the Woovebox and unlock your full creative potential.
You Can Pick Up The Woovebox From Their Website
And Check Out Their YouTube Channel

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Robert Anderson aka DJ Iceman is a Brooklyn born Dj and producer. He started his DJ career in 1982 when he got his uncle's old DJ equipment for the next 30+ years. He has DJed for many artists such as KRS One, Heavy D, and a host of others. he started producing in 2017 and is a member of 5 Wu-Tang affiliated groups. he is an active writer and blogger and has been so since 2010.

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