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Visual Error Interview with Muzique Magazine

Visual Error Interview with Muzique Magazine
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Visual Error Interview with Muzique Magazine

How did you come by your stage/brand name?

Honestly, I have no idea, I just wanted to get rid of my cringy old alias. I wanted to use something catchy yet something I can relate with. Well, I failed at the relate thingy, but it is pretty catchy I’d say.

When did you discover your love for your craft and what made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in it?

I’ve been in love with music ever since I was kid, I started out playing piano back in primary school but quickly got bored of it and quit. I later started mixing different songs together and putting them on YouTube (god forbid somebody finds that). It wasn’t until my high school days that I seriously started producing music. All of a sudden I became addicted to the different sounds and grooves I could create and now I’m pursuing a career in that.

What are some of your greatest challenges, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?

I think I speak for everybody when I say this, the greatest challenge is actually finishing a song. I think at this point I have hundreds if not thousands of songs just lying around in my folders. Unless I really vibe with the song, or I’m forced to finish it, It’ll probably just lie there forever.

I believe my greatest attribute is that I can literally finish an entire song in a few days if I just focus on it. I’ve developed an insanely fast workflow and as long as I have the motivation for it I can work non-stop until it’s finished. I can also pretty much recreate just about any sound I think of, so there’s that.

Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?

I don’t think I am. I don’t think anyone is. I think everyone is good at something, but nobody is the best. Everyone does things differently, and not everyone likes everything. We can strive to be the best, but in reality, it is extremely hard to determine who the best at something is.

What are your plans for the near future?

I will keep releasing music and experimenting with different genres. I want to inspire people and make at least someone’s day a little bit better. I’m also planning on doing live sets (once I actually build up the confidence for it).

How can fans find you?

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?

Just make the stuff you want to make, not the stuff you’re forced to.


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Tinker Talavera is a music lover, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

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