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J.P. Tha Pompafillian Interview with Muzique Magazine

J.P. Tha Pompafillian Interview with Muzique Magazine
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Behind The Scenes

J.P. Tha Pompafillian Interview with Muzique Magazine

In 2005 I was attending Earle C Clements Job Corps Academy in Kentucky, we were all outside the dorms shooting the breeze and one of my homeboys was going around to everybody being silly saying you’re affiliated after he’d ask them the “secret code”.

He didn’t know that I never felt like I belonged or fit in anywhere and that his saying that to me really made me happy and feel a little hope and security. I’m from Pompano Beach, Florida so I always rep it, and that “you affiliated” gesture my boy gave me threw me into a creative mode and I put “Pompano and Affiliated” together and smoothed it out around the edges and came up with “Pompafillian”, which means Pompano Affiliate.

My older brother Zeek “Ezekiel TheGroomer”, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Tupac Shakur! I always have to contribute my passion for my craft to those three names. In the hood, we grew up in, “The Villa” in Pompano, my older brother was known as the bone thug rapper. He could keep up with every btnh song and knew every lyric and in the hood and at school he was popular for that, they called him Bizzy because that was his favorite.

So, through him and Bone Thugs, I developed a love for hip hop, and eventually, Zeek started writing his own lyrics and putting together his own songs. It was 7 of us kids in all so he’d always have an audience when he wanted to share something new he wrote. What he didn’t know back then was that I was the one in the audience of his siblings who was blown away as he, through time, awakened a new passion in me.

Then, I was introduced to Tupac Shakur! Around this time I was 6 or 7, I wasn’t thinking about writing songs but I was writing poetry and Tupac was the door outside of my poor and painful world. Tupac inspired me with his depth and voice and his words were so deep and real. Songs like “Dear Momma”, “So Many Tears”, “Hail Mary”, and “16 On Death Row” I felt like he lived in my neighborhood and sometimes even my house.

On so many parts of his songs I could say “me too!”. My big brother Zeek inspired me to write songs and explore my mind when I was 11 but I have to say Tupac inspired me to be the kind of rapper I am today, real and unapologetic.

I credit my sense of style to my big brother Renzo. I’m not a carbon copy of him or anything but I’ve always admired how he presents himself and how he doesn’t fall into the times. I don’t want to look or sound like everyone else, it’s annoying. I’m fine being an outsider at this point in my life. I try to carry myself in a presentable way as well though, like my brother, colognes and outfit coordination, wines that he introduces me to. He and my cousin and CS TRIBE 319 groupmate J. Stubbs is where I get my motivation to stay fit… but I’m “dad fit” right now. I’m very much against skinny jeans and can’t quite get rid of my baggy jeans mindset but I’m buying more casual and better-fitting clothes. I’m not a hat person at all and I don’t wear Jordan’s but I love Air Force 1’s and now I’ve gotten into those Hey Dudes, man they are super comfortable. Overall, I guess my sense of style is just wanting to be simple yet fly but not loud but noticeable.

My current project is not yet in production but it will be my last solo album. The concept comes from the jump I’m making from solo secular rap artist to 1 half of the Christian rap group CS TRIBE 319 with my first cousin. My last project I was involved in was a feature on a single by OB WAN. OB asked me to take the beat and do whatever I wanted to do with it and when I heard it the first thing that came to my spirit was “I Need To Go To Church”.

Although it’s not my song it’s one of my most personal performances. I was in tears in the studio. I haven’t been to church in years and my spirit is starved some days to where I can’t even see or think straight. The beat spoke church to me and as I always say I can only give credit to God for what I write.

Ah man, depends on which work we talking about to be honest. My work ethic with my music is terrible. I chose to put myself and my ambitions last because I was convinced that I had no chance at being anything special or at succeeding. I let myself believe it because it was coming from the only person I wanted to believe in me.

So, I threw myself into work, had kids, found a career in security and made my passion a hobby so I could avoid the failure that was definitely going to happen according to the woman I loved. I got so down low and my path got so dark that even though my sister Shanny, my number one fan, always supports me and constantly tells me I have something special and to chase my dreams because the world needs to hear me, I can’t see it.

I gave too much power to a woman I should have never given it to. But in the workforce, my work ethic is strong and steadily evolving with the more I learn and experience. Two of my greatest challenges is believing my music is worthy and capable of reaching the whole world and seeing any importance in my ambitions.

My kids are my greatest attribute though when it comes to working hard and keeping that passion lit in my soul, taking care of my family is a top priority.

Today, yes. If Pac was alive, no.

Well, I’ve finally gotten into a place where I want to meet that failure I was convinced I’d have, face to face. For my kid’s sake, I at least want to try and give one more real effort to this music thing so if I do succeed my kids will grow up with more opportunities than I had and my story and journey can inspire them.

In the future, I will be making music with my cousin J. Stubbs as we go out and introduce CS TRIBE 319 to the world by the grace of God. We have two albums out at the moment, “REBORN” and “END TIMES”.

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is my all in all and without Him nothing and nothing is possible. Through God my talents were given and not by me were they developed. I want to thank my parents, Willie Clemmons JR and Belinda Shaw for doing the best they could, and even if they weren’t truly interested, never made my music feel like a burden or useless. My dad always reminded me and encouraged me to get my music copyrighted.

My siblings who are my best friends; Willie; Tarenzo; Zeek; Sheltonya; Morey, and Shantora. Shan, my knee-baby big sister whose support has always been unmatched and never failing. No amount of thanks will be sufficient but you bring me hope and I love you so much. I want to thank my wife for birthing my beautiful and amazing children. The Church I grew up in.

Simon for having my back, I don’t deserve an amazing cousin like him. J. Stubbs and Philiscia Stubbs. Jiffy. Randy. Clemmon Clan. Shaw Squad. 371. 3811. K.P for putting me up on game to a whole new world of fine spirit sipping, Keg for being awesome and making me look good on camera.

Tech crew for their opens arms, Dorrance Publishing for publishing my first book, Nanny, Addison. Courtney G for breaking my heart, pain is medicine. Dr. Dempsey and his office, you’re my favorite too, guy. My nephew Tevin and his genuine love for his uncles work. Donovan my son, I’m so proud of you.

I am currently taking a hiatus from social media. You can contact me by email My YouTube is J.P7 Music and CS TRIBE 319 You find my spotify at J.P. Tha Pompafillian and CS TRIBE 319. Also I do have a mediocre Facebook page I’m hardly ever on, Joshua Clemmons.


Alfred Munoz Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Professional

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Muzique Magazine Alfred Munoz, is an American Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Advisor with over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry, Leadership, Management, and Branding.

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