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New Music Review On Christian Hip-Hop Artist Darrell Kelley’s “Beautiful” Music Video

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New Music Review On Christian Hip-Hop Artist Darrell Kelley’s “Beautiful” Music Video

Reviewed by Thomas Hendrix

Darrell Kelley is a gospel, rap, hip-hop artist with a bunch of record releases s under his belt. They range from EPs like Storm is Coming to full length albums like Here Ends the Lesson. A known entrepreneur and restaurateur who is building his following within the UGWEAM movement which is based on love and unity. These new releases are accompanied by really well shot and fun videos that convey the message a good life is not all about the seriousness all the time.

The song Beautiful has a video that gives off the fun vibe from the opening shot. Strutting from the car to the door of the club you can tell the singer is relaxed but also a man on a mission. The mission being let’s have a party! Nicely shot with loving close ups of the good stuff like Moet Chandon and very beautiful ladies, this video evokes a hot California night replete with palm trees and soft breezes. The piano and drums basis for the music also play a role in that it does not get in the way of the words Kelley is saying. There is something beautiful when you are feeling good about life and you have a good looking partner to take out for a spin on the dance floor.

The pumping production of the music is getting more sophisticated as well. There are clever accentuations on the vocal chorus which tend to build up and emphasize the emotions in the lyrics. The rise and fall of the drum breaks create a good tension that gives the song a gentle and playful urgency that we all know accompanies a great dance at the club. The sound effects also help give character and weight to the track as well. This is a step into the secular world and a bit of a departure from the religious messages that have made up the bulk of Darrell’s releases before.  Some of the more religious may find offense, but to this reviewer it seems innocent enough. Kelley is just a man doing what all men do on the dance floor. I think it would be fair to say most men do not have a high end video production unit filming them doing their thing.  Another good release from a prolific artist and we’ll all be waiting for the next installment.

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