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Introducing The Zeptocore, The Newest Innovation From Infinitedigits

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Introducing The Zeptocore, The Newest Innovation From Infinitedigits

So Infintedigits is always on the cusp and cutting edge of music gadgets. Zack Scholl the owner and creator, is like a mad scientist that never sleeps. he just has effects and ways to mangle beats swimming around in his head, and we the music makers thank him for that. his newest creation is called the Zeptocore. its the big brother to the Pikocore. this is a music mangler, sample player, and super effects box all in one simple slim package.

Lets get the elephant out the room first. YES this looks exactly like a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator, except with more knobs and buttons. and yes it kind of operates on the same principles, but THATS where all the similarities end. here’s a few stats..
Stereo playback of 16-bit audio files @ 44.1 kHz sampling rate ·
SD-card storage for up to 32 gigabytes of samples ·
Recalls up to 256 audio files (16 banks of 16 tracks) ·
16 different effects (saturate, fuzz, delay, reverb, etc…) ·
Single-cycle wavetable synthesizer ·
Realtime sequencer with optional quantization ·
Optional clock sync out ·
MIDI (in + out) over USB ·
Built-in 8-ohm speaker ·
Powered by two AAA batteries or USB-C ·

Trust me, theres a lot to unpack here. but its not that hard to get around the device.
just know theres a LOT of button combonations you have to learn, but theres a good quick start guide that comes with the unit. all the button combos will help you really get the most out of this device from effects to sequences to the robust randomization of the patterns, and theres also a great online (or offline) sample tool so you can add your own breaks and samples.and unlike the Pocket Operators, the Zeptocore is completely open source, so you can go in and customize it to your hearts content.

and with 16 effects and a ton of modes the possibilities are endless. i highly recommend this as a great summertime pickup. you can get it up for $149 on the Zeptocore Website

Dj Iceman-Master Of Beatz Vol 3

Robert Anderson aka DJ Iceman is a Brooklyn born Dj and producer. He started his DJ career in 1982 when he got his uncle's old DJ equipment for the next 30+ years. He has DJed for many artists such as KRS One, Heavy D, and a host of others. he started producing in 2017 and is a member of 5 Wu-Tang affiliated groups. he is an active writer and blogger and has been so since 2010.




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