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NICK VOSS and Nathan Walters Create Musical Magic in ‘Whatever You Want’ Music Video Filmed in Italy

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NICK VOSS and Nathan Walters Create Musical Magic in ‘Whatever You Want’ Music Video Filmed in Italy

The quality and background of a music video can significantly impact its ability to push a song. A high-quality video with visually striking imagery and creative cinematography can capture viewers’ attention, making them more likely to watch the video and listen to the song. Good visuals can lead to increased exposure for the song, potentially driving more streams and sales. Additionally, a well-produced video can enhance the overall experience of listening to the song, making it more memorable and enjoyable for viewers.

Nick Voss, the talented musician and former contestant on the hit TV show The X Factor, has teamed up with Nathan Walters, a former member of the platinum boy band Plus One, to create musical magic in the form of the new single, “Whatever You Want.” The song showcases Voss‘s sonic versatility and explores themes of romance, escapism, and personal experiences. This new track is produced by Walters and is a romantic pop-infused track with an ambient atmosphere that debuted in early 2023.

Voss‘s journey as a musician and performer can inspire his audience in several ways, especially by showing that anyone can achieve their dreams through hard work and dedication. Voss rose to international fame when he appeared on the hit TV show The X Factor, where he performed “Trouble” by Elvis Presley.

After his success on the show, Voss’s journey has inspired his audience by highlighting the importance of versatility and the ability to adapt. Voss’s versatility as a musician, actor, and designer shows that you can excel in multiple fields with the right mindset and skills. The musician was eventually called upon by Broadway producers of the Tony-nominated sensation “MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET” to perform as child idol Elvis Presley on a Mediterranean cruise.

During this trip, with limited wifi access, Voss discovered up-and-coming music producer Nathan Walters. Amid the ongoing pandemic, Voss and Walters collaborated on several songs, including the recently released single “Whatever You Want.” The accompanying music video, directed by Vincenzo Corvaglia, was filmed at Palazzio Storico in Caserta, Italy, and features Voss’s wife, Alessia Santo.

The video for “Whatever You Want” is about creating your world of freedom through love, expressing that the ability to do whatever you want is earned and should be enjoyed. The stunningly shot video perfectly captures the song’s essence, with Voss and Santo’s chemistry adding a touch of romance and escapism to the video. The location of the video in Italy is breathtaking, adding an element of elegance and sophistication to its overall feel. Voss’s music is available on all major digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, and Tidal. If you’re a fan of romantic pop-infused tracks with an ambient atmosphere, then “Whatever You Want” is a must-listen. With the release of this new single, Nick Voss and Nathan Walters have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases, as these two geniuses will undoubtedly create more musical magic.

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