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NWG Suave Shines Again With New Single “Dani Banks”

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NWG Suave Shines Again With New Single “Dani Banks”

NWG Suave, also known to many as Damon Arnette, is a former professional athlete and 2020 first round NFL draft pick who turned to music three years ago and he’s been thriving ever since he began to take his craft seriously. Suave has spent countless hours perfecting his melodic rap style and this summer his talents have been on full display. As new songs are dropping left and right, he’s been a huge bright spot for fans.

Music has given NWG Suave the freedom to be himself without reservation, enabling him a new medium to share his genuine experiences and foster a deeper connection with his dedicated fan base. Through his songs, he hopes to “reveal my humanity and demonstrate that I experience the same emotions as everyone else.”

The Broward raised native recently dropped a video for his song called “Step on Em”. Today he dropped a new single called “Dani Banks”. A single named after an OnlyFans model which gives those an inside look in response to the alleged allegations from Suave’s point of view. The artist’s talent is showcased on full display and you won’t hear a shortage of stature in his lyrics throughout “Dani Banks”.

NWG Suave is no stranger to silencing skeptics and he’s done none other than that in the music industry. He alludes confidence in his music and is ultimately driven for greatness by an unparalleled work ethic that once landed him in the NFL. There’s no real ceiling to where Suave’s artist career may end up and “Dani Banks” plans to be another staple release in his journey.

Be sure to check out the new single and music video below:

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