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O$hak Shows He Has What It Takes With “In My Prime”

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O$hak Shows He Has What It Takes With “In My Prime”

Taking full advantage of the extra time that many of us got this year due to the global pandemic is rising hip hop music star O$hak, who is gearing up for his biggest surge yet. With his eyes set on the top of the music industry, he has been working relentlessly to perfect his artistry for when his time does come. As he continues to chip away and make progress at catching his big break, O$hak recently released a collaboration project with Antiwrld featuring a handful of fire tracks, including “In My Prime.”

“In My Prime” begins with a loose flowing guitar melody before O$hak and Antiwrld hit the track. As they speak on being in their prime and the past they left behind, you can hear both artists pour their emotions into the track. O$hak and Antiwrld accent each other perfectly, going back and forth without skipping a beat. These two artists are jam-packed with talent, and it is only a period of time before they get their big break.

“In My Prime” is one of the best tracks off of their latest joint project and is quickly becoming a fan favorite of O$hak’s. Look for O$hak to continue to collaborate with like-minded artists as he is always looking for new ways to get his name in the mix. Be on the lookout for any future releases from O$hak cause if they’re anything like this track, you won’t want to miss out. 

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