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Tanuki Project Drops ‘Adamant_CHAPTER#01’

Tanuki Project
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Tanuki Project Drops ‘Adamant_CHAPTER#01’

Montreal-based trip-hop/downtempo/electronic music duo Tanuki Project recently released their four-track EP, Adamant_CHAPTER#01.

Tanuki Project explains, “‘Adamant’ is an A/V cinematic electronic tale. Our new project ‘Adamant’ is out now with its CHAPTER #01, including 4 songs. ‘Adamant’s’ sound is emotional, the power of uplifting sweetness combined with mesmerizing soulful vocals and hypnotic beats and bass. The statement is purely artistic and emotional though deeply rooted in today’s collective issues.

The journey is from the freedom of living in the moment as a hunter-gatherer, through subjugation via superstition, through subjugation via industrialization, through subjugation via artificial intelligence, through to liberty of thought via reclaiming the moment as experienced by the hunter-gatherer.”

Made up of Legyl (programming, bass, beats) and Nady (voice), Tanuki Project got together in 2007, followed by releasing their debut album, Playground For Everyone, via Aquarius Records/Donald K Donald Group.

Since then, they have performed at Canadian Music Week, Toronto Alternative Art and Fashion Week, Montreal Mode and Design Festival, MEG Festival, and Toronto Indie Week, along with releasing an EP and touring Japan twice, as well as more albums.

The EP begins with “Dystopia,” opening on gleaming synths riding a syncopated rhythm as deep, dark tones thrum. Nady’s mystery-shrouded voice enters, imbuing the lyrics with portentous flavors. “Slow” travels on humming washes of eerie colors, while Nady’s surreal, ethereal voice infuses the lyrics with husky savors.

“Stone” features graceful, almost classical piano tones rolling out on an austere trip-hop rhythm. Shimmering synths juxtapose the kick drum as Nady’s alluring voice captivates listeners. The final track, “Hope,” rides a shuffling trip-hop beat, crisp and tight, as dreamy vocals give the song wistful reflections.

With Adamant_CHAPTER#01, Tanuki Project releases cryptic trip-hop vaguely reminiscent of the mystical music of Tool.

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