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Yung Rlo Releases New Vibe On “Blessed”

Yung Rlo
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Yung Rlo Releases New Vibe On “Blessed”

Hailing from the Chicago, Illinois, rising Hip Hop and R&B artist Yung Rlo first gained traction from his viral Youtube videos. The success of his page inspired him to create music and release it for his fans to listen to. 

Yung Rlo just released a new instrumental called “Blessed”. He dives deep into the roots of production, choosing the keep the song vocal free. The song starts off with a piano based loop and quickly picks up pace eventually kicking into hard hitting drums

Yung Rlo has been active in early 2021, releasing 5 new singles so far this year. With constant drops to start of 2021, it’ll be interesting to see where the artist goes from here.

You can listen to “Blessed” here:

You can follow Yung Rlo here:

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