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From, Tom Releases Music Video for Dope “Run Away”

From, Tom
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From, Tom Releases Music Video for Dope “Run Away”

Alternative artist From, Tom recently dropped the music video for his sophomore single, “Run Away.” And it’s totally dope, displaying mature originality rarely found nowadays.

From, Tom’s sound mirrors introspective lyricism, effortless smooth vocals, and blends elements of pop, hip-hop, trap, rap rock, R&B, and cloud rap into delicious sonic confections at once alluring and evocative.

Initially, a drummer from Columbus, Ohio, From, Tom, aka Tom McGeoch, won a poetry contest in college. After finishing his course of study at Berklee College of Music, Tom loaded his Honda Civic with his stuff and moved to Los Angeles to make his bones in music. Once in SoCal, he played and recorded with a number of artists, but felt like something was missing. He had more to offer.

Eventually, Tom decided to set aside self-imposed restraints and kick open the door. Taking the name From, Tom, borrowed from his poetry and letters, he started writing his own music and lyrics. Once you listen to his music, you’ll agree his talent is substantial.

Vaguely reminiscent of Post Malone, From, Tom tiptoes along the line between singing and rapping, infusing his vocals with delectable rippling textures.

“Run Away” opens on slowly emerging swirling colors flowing into a Jovian thumping rhythm topped by lustrous hues, gleaming and drifting on translucent textures. Low-slung, the melody oozes haunting layers of intertwining leitmotifs.

From, Tom’s voice, creamy and aromatic with nuanced touches, imbues the lyrics with bewitching flavors, simultaneously wickedly subtle and chock-full of spellbinding sonic glazes.

The music video, directed by Noah Frech, depicts surreal, eerie images of From, Tom sleeping and dreaming, followed by shifts to an old man undergoing altered state-like experiences.

From, Tom definitely has it going on!

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