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The Best New Dream-Pop and Shoegaze This Week

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The Best New Dream-Pop and Shoegaze This Week

As aficionados of dream-pop, shoegaze, and alternative psych music, Muzique Magazine offers a smorgasbord of new, delectable songs for your listening enjoyment.

Adiós Cometa – “Norte”

Hailing from San Jose, Costa Rica, dream-pop outfit Adiós Cometa offers up “Norte,” a deliciously flowing tune riding gleaming, jangle-lite guitars atop a driving rhythm, all capped by velvety vocal timbres rife with the melancholy and ache of lost love.

GRAZER – “How Many Times”

Melbourne, Australia-based GRAZER drops “How Many Times,” a track traveling on misty, sinuous filaments of colors. Hazy guitars imbue the melody with intimate, wistful hues, while almost remote vocals give the lyrics glazed tones, simultaneously ebbing and rising on sublime suffusions.

Deradoorian – “Monk’s Robes”

The idée fixe of New York’s Angel Deradoorian, aka Deradoorian, who recently released her new album, Find The Sun, “Monk’s Robes” delivers avant-garde savors of art-pop amalgamated with soft psych-rock aromas. The Gregorian chant-like vocals inject the lyrics with spectral tones, both dreamy and bewitchingly enchanting.

Mint Julep – “Some Feel Rain”

From their forthcoming album, which they are presently working on, Oregon’s Mint Julep released the single, “Some Feel Rain,” featuring lavishly glistening rinses of guitars, a thrumming rhythm, iridescent synth accents, and luminous vocals.

Latitude – “Thursday Is The New Sunday”

San Francisco jangle-pop outfit Latitude dropped “Thursday Is The New Sunday,” lifted from their upcoming album, Mystic Hotline. Layers of sparkling jangly guitars give the melody a bright, optimistic summer feel, embellished by scrumptiously pop-tart vocal coloration.

Pillow Queens – “HowDoILook”

Dublin, Ireland’s indie-rock band Pillow Queens released a single from their debut album, In Waiting. “HowDoILook,” vaguely reminiscent of 4 Non Blondes, pushes out scrummy thick waves of rock energy, while evocative, aching lyrics ask the universal question – how do I look?

Found Space – “Shadows”

Dream-pop outfit Found Space dropped “Shadows,” a new single. Platinum, strumming guitars lead the way, while gleaming jangle-pop inflections roll out underneath, adding radiance and tantalizing wisps of color. Smooth, easy-going vocals give the lyrics a dreamy-creamy, hazy texture.

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