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Music Premiere: Maggie Szabo Dazzles on “This Is Life”

Maggie Szabo
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Music Premiere: Maggie Szabo Dazzles on “This Is Life”

Pop singer-songwriter Maggie Szabo introduces her brand-new single, “This Is Life,” a track lifted from her forthcoming EP, Rebuild, slated to drop July 30.

Other tracks appearing on Rebuild include “Choose Me,” “Sail Away,” and the popular “My Oh My.” Two of Maggie’s recent releases, her EDM collaboration “Midsummer Nights,” which collected 200,000 streams in only 48 hours, and “Lay Low,” featuring JØRD, was selected by Tiësto for his CLUBLIFE – By Tiësto Spotify playlist, testify to her dazzling ability.

From a small town in Ontario, Canada, and now based in L.A., since the beginning, Maggie has been a favorite of DJs and producers, along with television and film placements. Now one of the world’s premier solo pop divas with tens of millions of views on YouTube, as well as features on Perez Hilton, Yahoo Music!, PopCrush, and Huff Post, among a host of others, Maggie’s sound continues to evolve and enthrall listeners.

“This Is Life” opens on low-slung shimmering colors underscored by a throbbing bassline and then flows into a plush, vibrant pop melody with hints of EDM. On the bridge, escalating sonic hues expand into the deliciously thrumming chorus, topped by Maggie’s silky, crystalline voice backed by glowing harmonies.

The ebb and rise of the harmonics imbue the song with washes of iridescent coloration, emphasizing the opulent, deluxe timbres of Maggie’s alluring tones. As the tune ramps up to a glistening wall of sound, Maggie’s soaring voice fills the lyrics with suffusions of gliding, atmospheric tendrils.

“Up high / Walking on cloud nine / Running fast and free / Nothing stopping me … This is life / Whooaoo / This is what it feels like to be alive.”

Shining with chrome-like patinas, “This Is Life” revels in the miraculous feeling of being alive.

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