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Tiana Kocher 7 Songs, 7 Writers and & 7 Quick-Fire Questions

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Tiana Kocher 7 Songs, 7 Writers and & 7 Quick-Fire Questions

Your EP takes the listener on a journey, but can you describe a bit about your own personal journey that got you here?

How much time do you have? The EP is essentially what I have been through in the past year and a half. It obviously took a lot for me to be okay with being vulnerable, but I realized that there may be some people out there who could resonate with my songs. There’s been a lot of people telling me to do this and to do that, I was essentially a puppet for a very long time, and I am finally cutting off the strings. This EP was very liberating for me to release and write because it’s essentially a big “in your face” to the people who tried to make me someone I wasn’t, tried to dress me a certain way, force certain songs on me… you get the picture. 

What can the listener expect from the songs in the EP?

As cliche as it sounds, something different. This EP is the brainchild of myself and around seven other writers that I collaborated with; each song is unique. Working with three different producers for this EP was also able to make each song really differ from each other. 

Tiana Kocher 7 Songs, 7 Writers and & 7 Quick-Fire Questions
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What has been the most influential moment of your musical career so far?

I would say getting positive feedback and recognition from peers and artists I look up to in the industry. 

What would you say is the most common theme to all of your songs in your EP?

Love, whether it be in the form or an intimate relationship or just a friendship. Most of my songs in my EP come from a loving point of view. 

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

I look forward to any live performance or any chance I can create. SXSW was probably one of my favourite performances just because it was my first music festival. Music videos are always my favourite to do because I am a very visual person, I love colours and the opportunity to create a visual to match my music. 

What dreams or ambitions do you want to achieve?

I definitely want to tour the world, meet my supporters from all over. I also want to keep writing, whether it be for myself or for other artists I look up to!

And finally, where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Hopefully, I have a world tour under my belt and maybe some nomination or recognition for my work! Other than that, I just plan on creating until I get old!

To find out more about Tiana Kocher follow her @tianakocher on all platforms. Listen to her debut EP on Spotify:

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