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A&R Discovery App GREATERTHAN Unveils A&R Scout LaunchPad

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A&R Discovery App GREATERTHAN Unveils A&R Scout LaunchPad

GREATERTHAN App, launched in 2019, recently announced the launch of their A&R Innovation Lab, which includes the A&R Scout Launchpad, available to 300 schools around the world offering music business, entrepreneurship, media, and technology programs.

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As the foremost source in A&R research and talent discovery, GREATERTHAN provides insider data on the current state of every major label’s research, including Exclusive Drops that reveal applicable information about cultural and social trends in music unobtainable anywhere else. For example, GREATERTHAN revealed a carefully chosen and organized list of 70 musicians discovered via TikTok, who were contacted by record labels last year.

Led by CEO Paula Moore, a pioneer in A&R research, GREATERTHAN’s global scout research links analytics with human insights, spinning traditional techniques of music detection into a full-circle system.

Talking about A&R Innovation Lab, Moore explains, “Out of the eight startups I’ve had, this is the most innovative one. There is a sea change happening in the industry, and we are uniquely positioned to be the go-to research system.”

Over the past year, GREATERTHAN’s Paula Moore immersed herself in meeting with industry players to find an all-inclusive label group home for her system, as well as to analyze the needs of labels on a macro scale.  

The music industry VIPs she met with reads like a who’s who of major players: Chairman of Recorded Music at Warner Music Group, Max Lousada; EVP of Business Affairs & General Counsel at Sony Music Entertainment, Julie Swidler; RCA COO, John Fleckenstein; Epic Records Chairwoman, Sylvia Rhone; as well as Universal Music Group’s global General Counsel, EVP of Business & Legal Affairs and interim Chief Executive Officer of Def Jam Records, Jeff Harleston.

While A&R research is data-driven, it only tells part of the story. GREATERTHAN takes the next step, illuminating new research examples and hot sneak peeks by means of their A&R Scout reports, such as unearthing hot new TikTok artist EMELINE, who is on the verge of breaking out and signing with a major label.

EMELINE highlights GREATERTHAN’s ability to offer results the music industry needs to know right now, giving labels an aggressive head start, as well as analyzing new essential services, and educating the world’s largest pool of A&R scouts.

Upcoming A&R Innovation Lab Exclusive Drops and data analytic research include:

              The 2021 Rising Influencers to Watch in Music, Culture & Lifestyle

–              A discovery research collaboration with the largest recording compound in the world.

–              A partnership with songwriter and producer platform, DJOOKY, which has already resulted in six songwriter discoveries currently being pursued by labels.

–              An emerging producer/beatmaker/artist report of the hottest beats and beatmakers on a global scale with a leading production platform.

–              Developing exclusive 1st party discovery data with a leading streaming platform.

GREATERTHAN amalgamates research, connectivity, and artist discovery into a single, professional presentation, accessed by the touch of a finger.

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