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Meet Tatiana Azzi: Bridging Science, Style, and Wellness

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Meet Tatiana Azzi: Bridging Science, Style, and Wellness

From the vibrant streets of São Paulo, Brazil, Tatiana Azzi embarked on a journey guided by the philosophy of harmonizing with human nature. Raised by parents immersed in the medical realm, Tatiana’s early exposure to healthy living shaped her outlook. With a passion for human anatomy and a penchant for Histology, she embarked on a year of Nursing studies, delving into the intricate world of cellular analysis under the microscope.

Tatiana’s thirst for life’s diverse experiences led her to become a stewardess with LATAM Airlines, traversing the cultural tapestry of South America and expanding her intellectual and emotional horizons. Inspired by the world’s beauty, she ventured into the realm of fashion modeling, gracing the runways of Paris, where she embraced haute couture and enriched her language skills.

Yet, amidst her worldly adventures, Tatiana felt a calling to make a more profound impact. In 2020, she embarked on a new academic pursuit, enrolling in a Biomedical Science program. With unwavering dedication, she now invests her time and effort in her studies, aspiring to leverage science to alleviate human suffering.

Tatiana’s unique upbringing and emphasis on holistic wellness led her to share her lifestyle journey through social media, where she encourages others to prioritize well-being. With a heartfelt commitment to bridging science and style, Tatiana’s narrative encompasses a captivating blend of discovery, dedication, and a profound desire to contribute to the betterment of humanity. Today she exclusively chats with us…

Can you share more about your early upbringing and how your parents’ influence in the medical field shaped your philosophy of living in accord with human nature?

My parents worked in hospitals when I was a kid. My father was a great general practitioner in São Paulo and my mother a dedicated nurse, sometimes accompanying my parents on their respective work shifts. I learned a lot by watching them and coming home, although they were guided by science, my mother constantly prepared different types of herbal tonics and we never got sick because these vegetable tonics would prevent any eventual pathology. Later I realized that I would like to find a balance between traditional western allopathic medicine along with Ayurvedic/Chinese medicine and study something related to that path. 

Your passion for human anatomy and histology is evident. How did your one year of Nursing studies further fuel your interest in the medical field? 

When i was 18 i wanted to become a doctor. Eventually i realized it would take too long so I started to study to become a nurse like my mother. I used to pass hours after class, analyzing human tissues and anything that moves into the microscope, the lab became my happy place. Anatomy and histology were my favorite classes. When pathology classes started i became hypochondriac; was afraid that everyone i loved would have or develop those diseases. I think i was just too young and decided to lock my course and proceeding after traveling the world. 

Traveling with LATAM Airlines exposed you to various cultures. How do you believe these experiences broadened your horizons and contributed to the person you are today? 

I respect all cabin crew members because flying around and being responsible for the flight safety is a lot of work! I loved to take off and land as much as possible and according to my records for the website; I flew enough miles to the moon and back! Japanese and Asian cultures are my favorites. Nowadays i just fly as a passenger and very rarely ! 

I feel lucky to have experienced Paris as a model. The city of Love was my biggest fashion reference, i asked to leave my job as a stewardess to experience it full time. I did many commercials during Paris fashion week, many friends in Paris and learned French. We all can learn so much from Haute Couture !

Despite finding joy in traveling and modeling, you felt something was missing, and you wanted to make a difference. What inspired you to return to university and pursue a course in Biomedical Science?

My father was ill suddenly that is why i came back to Brazil and started to assist my mother, taking care of him. I think Biomedical science field has so much potential and i wanted to eventually open a fertilization clinic to assist couples with conceiving issues and being a facilitator for the future families!

Your belief in the potential of biomedical research to make impressive advances, especially in genomics, DNA testing, and disease treatments, is intriguing. How do you see yourself contributing to these advancements in the future?

I would like to have a fertilization clinic soon ! 

Living a healthy lifestyle has been a priority for you, and you’re passionate about sharing it with others through social media. How do you use your platform to inspire and educate your audience about well-being and balanced nutrition?

I try to share in a daily basis, tips and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, my routines and so on! 

You mentioned having an OnlyFans page as part of sharing your lifestyle. How does this platform allow you to connect more intimately with your followers and address specific aspects of health, fitness, and skincare?

Through OF, i can communicate without so much censorship, more freely. I love that  in the Western world women is taking power back in a unfiltered and whole way. I can be myself on Onlyfans, unapologetically and authentic, embracing all aspects of myself. 

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for the future? How do you envision combining your passion for biomedical science, modeling, and promoting a healthy lifestyle in your journey moving forward? 

It is a work in process, studying and being an influencer at the same time can be demanding but i am up to this worthy challenge:) I would love to partner with more brands related to science and do my masters at Harvard, who knows !? 




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