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Meet Model And Influencer Sapphire Saint

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Meet Model And Influencer Sapphire Saint

Sapphire Saint, a model and influencer, hails from a small town in Idaho but has embraced the bustling city life since moving to LA after high school. With a British Honduran/Swedish mother and an English/Danish father, Sapphire embodies a unique blend of cultures. Her hobbies include everything girly, from dressing up and makeup to getting her nails done and hitting the club scene. Balancing her roles as a stripper and adult model influencer, Sapphire’s vibrant personality and love for self-expression shine through in her online presence.

1. What initially drew you to the bimbofication movement, and how has your perception of it evolved over time?

I have always been a girly girl who loved makeup n fashion but I first discovered bimbofication from my friend Juliette, she introduced me to like the idea of a super extreme look

I got really into it when a guy I was seeing told me how much he loved the bimbo look and offered to help me transform and once I got started I never stopped!

2. Can you explain the core principles or goals of the bimbofication movement for those who may not be familiar with it?

It is like extreme expression of ultra-femininity and ultra-sexuality through body mod and lifestyle

Think of like all the things that make life uncomfortable or inconvenient, u know big boobs, wearing heels all day, long nails, long hair, tight clothes, big heavy earrings… a bimbo looks at those and says “worth it!” 

its like self-bondage, like I sacrificed everything to achieve this look and lifestyle.

People joke about like slaves to fashion, I basically enslaved myself to bimbo fashion!

3. How do you respond to criticisms that the bimbofication movement perpetuates harmful stereotypes about women?

Um I guess I would say the stereotypes aren’t harmful, I think beauty and sex are sources of POWER for women. Like can u imagine me as an accountant or something? I would be SO miserable!!

I love that my job is looking hot! all the happiest women I know are girly girls who’ve embraced their femininity 

4. In your opinion, what distinguishes bimbofication from other forms of self-expression or body modification?

cuz its not just an aesthetic itss a way life. theres like a mental component to it. I practice bimbo hypnosis to have a better mindset, do daily affirmations, it shapes everything about me…. I don’t ever stop being a bimbo and that’s part of what I love about it

5. How do you navigate the balance between embracing the bimbo aesthetic and maintaining your authenticity as an individual?

I don’t have to cuz my authentic self IS a bimbo 

6. What role do social media platforms play in the bimbofication movement, and how has their influence shaped its trajectory?

Well the idea of bimbofication was around like 25 years ago but didn’t really catch on til plastic surgery got mainstream and YT and IG taught girls how to be hot. Like contouring used to be a secret that only professional MUAs knew about and now like teenage girls can learn to contour by watching tutorial vids 

so social media made women realize that they could be and it made it more valuable to be hot, like influence, sponsors, an income

7. Can you share any personal experiences or anecdotes that highlight the positive impact of the bimbofication movement on your life or identity?

bimbofication has been a huge positive for me, I was so badly treated by a lot of people when I was younger and it really broke my self-esteem but since becoming a bimbo I feel great about myself

I look in the mirror and I’m so happy with what I see!

8. What advice would you give to someone who is considering exploring bimbofication as a form of self-expression?

I would say maybe start off with some small steps to make sure u can handle it. A bimbo gets a LOT of attention and u might find its 2 much attention

I would also say that u have to start with the basics, like get healthy, eat right, exercise, then you can start to go extreme 

9. How do you address misconceptions or stereotypes about bimbofication when discussing it with others?

I think I really am most people’s stereotype of a bimbo so I just be myself

10. Looking to the future, where do you see the bimbofication movement heading, and what changes or developments do you anticipate?

It’s gonna be amazing because of all the plastic surgery, like look at actresses and musicians, it used to be that their career was over by like 30, 35. Nowadays gwen, kim, their showing u can stay gorgeous forever!

And every day there’s new procedures available, like were gonna see surgeries like permanent fake nails, barbie feet, I can’t wait!



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