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Meet Model Amber Killion

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Meet Model Amber Killion

Amber Killion, a 26-year-old social media content creator, gained fame as a top OnlyFans model while attending college. Despite graduating with a degree in Communications, Amber decided to pursue her passion for modeling and content creation, becoming an Instagram sensation with a massive following. Her success on OnlyFans, being featured in Business Insider and gracing the covers of FHM, highlights her dedication and talent in the field of online content creation. Currently living in Italy after exploring various destinations, Amber’s journey as a top creator continues to inspire aspiring models and creators worldwide.

How did you first venture into the world of online influencing and OnlyFans? What inspired you to start your journey as an OF model?

I had a huge passion for fashion and photography when I was young so creating content for instagram always felt fun for me. When I was studying at university I was spending a lot of my free time searching for side hustles online and different forms of online businesses that I could start. I discovered OnlyFans through a friend and thought why not give it a go! The timing was perfect–in fact when I started as barely anyone knew what OF was. I had a lot of success with it from the start as I had a strong follower base in university which kept growing over time. I saw it as a amazing online business structure that required very little start up costs compared to others so I gave it 100% and made it my full time job.

As an influential figure on Instagram and OnlyFans, what challenges did you face in the early stages, and how did you overcome them to grow your fanbase?

A challenge I faced with Instagram was getting posts reported and taken down. Therefore OF seemed very appealing as it completely resolved this issue. I could simply post whichever pictures and videos I wanted without  getting them taken down. I advertised this to my social media audience and they were very interested!

What strategies have you found most effective in engaging and building a loyal fanbase on your platforms? Could you share some tips for aspiring OF models looking to do the same?

The most effective strategy that I try to implement on every platform is being personal and engaging with my fans. The more you give the more you get. Talking is super important and will set apart your account instantly from others as many ;people are afraid to do this online. Different things work on different social media platforms so discovering certain patterns and replicating them is usually what works best.

How has being an influencer on Instagram and OnlyFans impacted your personal life, both positively and negatively? What are some important lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Having popularity on Instagram and OF has gotten me many things for free–products, trips, etc. However there is also a negative side to this field of work which is that people make assumptions about you and judge every single thing you do. It’s also harder to have friends as an OF model. I find I relate best to women who work in my industry because they get it.

As the online space evolves rapidly, what are some key trends and changes you’ve noticed in the world of influencing?

Everyone wants to be internet famous now. I believe all social platforms have gotten increasingly difficult due to the amount of people who are all trying to do the same thing. There are constant algorithm updates that make working in social media quite frustrating at times. The OF game has changed so much and it has required a lot of adapting over the years. But you have to be able to adapt quickly in the social media world otherwise you will be left behind.

Can you share any memorable or inspiring experiences you’ve had as an influencer that validated your decision to pursue this career path?

I have my job to thank for all the amazing life experiences I have had so far. I have the privilege and freedom to create my own work schedule and work from anywhere in the world. This has allowed me to travel and meet tons of amazing people at a very young age. 

What advice do you have for individuals considering joining OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans is extremely saturated right now. My best advice is to be super personal on all your social media sites outside of OnlyFans and be consistent in posting. This is the best way to differentiate yourself from others and make them more interested in your life. 

In the constantly evolving digital landscape, how do you see the future of online sex work and influencing on platforms like Instagram and OnlyFans? What opportunities and challenges do you anticipate for aspiring creators in this field?

I think online sex work will always be here, however platforms like instagram can change at any moment in terms of what they allow. There is still a lot of opportunity to make money with platforms like OnlyFans today so maximizing what you can get out of it while it is here is my advice. There is a lot of hype around OF however there are also many other great platforms similar to OF where you can sell your exclusive content.

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