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Meet Supermodel & Influencer Aneta Mlcakova

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Meet Supermodel & Influencer Aneta Mlcakova

Aneta Mlcakova, hailing from the Czech Republic with her roots in Ostrava, has become a global sensation in the world of modeling. As an accomplished model and influential personality, her work jetsets her across the world’s fashion capitals. With an impressive modeling career spanning seven years to date, Aneta has graced the pages of renowned publications like Lโ€™Officiel and Harpers Bazaar, with more cover features on the horizon. Her runway prowess, especially with Guess, has been a defining chapter of her journey in the fashion industry, lasting for an impressive three years.

Can you share with us how your journey in modeling began and what motivated you to pursue this career path?

My journey in modeling began after I was scouted at a local fashion show. I had always been interested in fashion and art, and modeling seemed like the perfect way to express myself and inspire others.

With seven years of experience in the industry, could you highlight some of the most memorable moments or projects that have shaped your modeling career?

Some of my most memorable moments include walking the runway for Guess and working on numerous campaigns and lookbooks. Enjoying these experiences with my best friend was an amazing part of the journey.

You have landed covers with renowned magazines like Lโ€™Officiel and Harpers Bazaar. Can you tell us about your experience and the impact these opportunities have had on your career?

Getting featured on magazine covers like Lโ€™Officiel and Harpers Bazaar has been a dream come true. It has boosted my career, provided opportunities to collaborate with great photographers, and introduced me to fantastic clients.

You’ve walked the runway for Guess for about three years. What is it about this brand that resonates with you, and what has your collaboration been like?

Guess is a brand I deeply resonate with due to its timeless style. Collaborating with them for three years has been fantastic. Their team is creative and supportive, and I’ve enjoyed every shoot or runaway shoow !

Tell us about your recent visit to the 80th Venice Film Festival. What was it like to be part of such a prestigious event, and do you have any memorable moments to share?

Attending the 80th Venice Film Festival was a surreal and unforgettable experience for me. It was a true honor to be part of such a prestigious event, surrounded by talented individuals from the film industry. The atmosphere was so special !

You’ve mentioned your goal of modeling in the United States. What attracts you to the US fashion scene, and how do you envision this new chapter in your career?

I’m excited about modeling in the United States because it’s a chance to try something new, meet new clients, and have different experiences. I’m looking forward to seeing how this new chapter in my career goes

As a fashion influencer with over a million followers, how do you balance your modeling career and social media presence, and what do you enjoy most about being an influencer?

I have to say i really like it lets me combine my modeling career with my passion for travel. I’m also a travel blogger and collaborate with luxury resorts worldwide. Balancing both worlds can be a challenge, but what I enjoy most is inspiring people and connecting with a global audience.

You are also known as a travel influencer. Could you share some of your favorite destinations and travel experiences so far?

I have to say i visit so many beautiful places around the world but in the moment for me one of the most magical places are Maldives and Namibia!

Given your extensive global travel, can you tell us about the most unique or surprising cultural experience you’ve encountered during your adventures?

One of the most surprising cultural experiences I had was in Morocco. I visited a small mountain village where the people were incredibly friendly and lived in a simple way. It was eye-opening to see how they kept their traditions and lived close to nature, which was very different from our busy modern life

What advice would you give your younger self?ย 

Learn, adapt, take chances, and follow your passion. Life’s an adventure!

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