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Meet Scottish Actress Amanda Jane Alderson

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Meet Scottish Actress Amanda Jane Alderson

Amanda Jane Alderson, an accomplished actress with roots in Scotland and a thriving presence in Western Australia’s vibrant drama scene, embodies a unique blend of Scottish heritage and Australian influence, infusing her performances with a distinct charm. Her artistic journey spans an array of mediums – from film, web series, commercials, and theatre to radio, music videos, and voice-over work. Amanda’s talents extend beyond acting; she’s a persuasive radio host on ‘Magnificent 7’ and a dedicated director at ‘Eros Creatives Pty’ currently crafting the captivating series ‘Kairos.’

In her artistic pursuits, Amanda not only excels but also intertwines her personal philosophy. She aims to shed light on acting as a powerful tool for personal development, empathy, and societal change, especially inspiring mature audiences by exemplifying that it’s never too late to chase dreams and accomplish them. Her dedication to the series ‘Kairos,’ a narrative of student adventure fostered by unseen assistance from ancient Greek Gods, stands as a testament to her passion and creativity. Today we interview her exclusively at Muzique

Your journey in the world of acting has been quite diverse, spanning various mediums. How do you manage to excel in so many different forms of entertainment?

In acting and in life, it’s all about trying new things and growing from each moment. The key, especially after 40, is to keep learning, be brave, and step into new roles. No matter the type of acting, my secret is trying with all my heart, learning more each day, and never giving up.

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Can you share a memorable experience or project that was particularly impactful in shaping your career as an actor?

Undoubtedly, two significant turning points have shaped my career as an actor. Initially, I sought acting lessons simply to refine my accent. However, my acting coach saw potential beyond that, encouraged me to pursue acting more seriously and even got me to get a talent agent. Navigating through a spectrum of mediums – films, web series, commercials, reality show, music videos, radio, voice-overs, and theatre – has allowed me to embody diverse shades of life and creativity, and each has been an invaluable tread on my journey.

Another pivotal moment came when I attended a seminar by ScreenWest WA, revealing a shifting landscape in the world of cinema that is increasingly moving towards customisable content delivery. This spurred our company Eros Pty Ltd to transform a feature film project into a multi-season series, “Kairos”. Working in a writers’ room with a team of fellow storytellers reshaped my understanding of the link between acting and writing, enriching my craft in more ways than one. The shift to on-demand content consumption has not only impacted the industry but also has profoundly influenced my growth as an actor.

The blend of your Scottish roots and Australian influences has given you a unique identity. How does this duality reflect in your performances?

My Scottish birth and West Australian life have shaped my unique style. They’ve given me a deep understanding of different cultures. This richness shows up in my performances, blending Scottish tradition with the lively spirit of West Australia. You get to see a mix that’s both authentic and vibrant.

As a multi-talented artist, you’ve worn many hats, including being a director for ‘Eros Creatives Pty Ltd’. Can you tell us more about your current project, ‘Kairos,’ and what audiences can expect from it?

Kairos’, our new project at Eros Creatives Pty Ltd, addresses the urgent need for genuine leadership in an increasingly turbulent world. In Greek, ‘Kairos’ means our time to act, and this series takes viewers into our fictional ‘Kairos Academy,’ where future leaders are moulded under the watchful eyes of ancient Greek Gods posing as teachers. We delve into humanity’s darker shades but inject humour and hope to help navigate existential anxieties.

While focusing on leadership that harmonises heart and head, ‘Kairos’ reveals leaders who go unnoticed but whose impact is substantial. Through their service to others and real empathy, we highlight an alternative leadership style, fostering laughter and optimism along the way. Let’s redress our world by learning from history and changing leadership paradigms. ‘Kairos’ is our time to act.

Beyond the arts, you also have expertise in finance and strategic leadership. How does this knowledge enhance your creative work?

I combine my financial knowledge and leadership abilities with my artistic sense. Just like a well-cooked dish, I mix creativity with sound financial decisions to achieve balanced results.

Your message is about how art and personal philosophy intersect. Can you elaborate on how acting has served as a medium for personal development and societal change in your life?

Acting has always been more than a job to me. It’s like a mirror where I reflect my inner beliefs to spark dialogue and progress in society. Every character I portray allows me to explore new perspectives, fostering personal growth. Moreover, by sharing diverse Scottish and Australian stories, I feel privileged to cultivate cross-cultural understanding and evoke change. Remember, if you want it ardently, every stage can be your platform to change the world.

What inspired you to share the message that it’s never too late to chase dreams? Is there a personal story behind this message?

My inspiration originates from my mother and nana who taught me the resilience to keep reaching for the heavens, no matter the age. Their wisdom, coupled with the enduring spirit of Robert the Bruce, if first you don’t succeed try try again, underpins my belief: it’s never too late to chase dreams, and failure isn’t the end, but a stepping stone to success. We’ve only got one life – aim high, try again and never give up!

Western Australia seems to hold a special place in your heart. How has this landscape influenced your artistic endeavours and personal growth?

I love Western Australia! Its amazing natural spots inspire my work in movies, plays, and radio. It also teaches me to be strong, like a tree that doesn’t wilt even under strong Australian sunshine. This reminds me to keep standing tall, no matter what. Whether I’m acting, directing, or just pushing myself to do better, the scenery in WA helps my creativity and personal development.

Your motto, “Anyone can cook,” is certainly a powerful one. How do you intend to inspire others with the belief that anyone can realize their dreams, regardless of their circumstances?

My motto, “Anyone can cook,” is more about embracing potential. By sharing my journey and engaging in various forms of art and acting, I aim to spark resilience in everyone. Simply put, I believe that with the right mindset and a dash of determination, anyone can achieve their dreams.

As an actor, director, and more, what do you believe is your unique contribution to the world of entertainment and art?

I believe that my distinct contribution to the entertainment and art world lies in the unique blend of my Scottish heritage and West Australian influences, which I bring to every performance. Utilising my diverse professional journey, I seek to portray life’s many shades through various mediums. I am passionate about promoting personal development, empathy, and societal change through art, emboldening especially the mature audience to follow their dreams. Above all, my commitment to authenticity allows me to connect with audiences on a personal level, fostering the idea that a friend is ‘only a hello away’.

Can you share your insights on how art, especially acting, can foster empathy and contribute to positive societal change?

Acting is a magical tool that draws us into varied human experiences, opening up pathways of understanding and empathy. As an actor, I step into different lives, feel their joys, sorrows, and struggles, making it a truly transformative process. Through performances, we invite onlookers to share these emotions, which in turn inspire introspection and empathy. By fostering empathy, art, especially acting, can enlighten viewers towards greater societal understanding and positive change. Let’s not forget—storytelling is powerful and can incite movements.

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Tell us about a moment in your career that challenged you the most and how you overcame it.

The most challenging moment in my life and career was the dramatic move from Scotland to Western Australia. Although emotionally taxing and professionally uncertain, the unwavering support of my wonderful husband, coupled with the blessing of our beautiful daughter, helped me navigate these trying times. It underscored the belief that regardless of where we come from or our societal status, we all have the capacity to thrive. My experiences continue to inspire my work, encouraging others to chase their dreams, no matter how challenging the path may be.

What can we expect from your future projects, both in terms of entertainment and the message you wish to convey to your audience?

In my future projects, you can expect a symphony of emotions and entertainment that speaks to the heart of the audience. I wish to help viewers tap into the universal human experience, to illuminate the power of resilience, and to use humour and hope as vehicles for learning. Above all, I want to inspire through authenticity and truth, using my performances to bridge gaps between cultures and generations. I am on a mission to uplift people, illuminate the importance of dreams, and underscore the strength within us all. Guiding all my projects is the message that ambition and drive are universal, that anyone from anywhere can accomplish great things. Additionally, my work with ‘Eros Creatives Pty Ltd’ continues, focusing on our series ‘Kairos’, an intriguing tale with meaningful leadership lessons. Our endeavour is to sparkle a light on a different kind of leadership where empathy, authenticity, and service to others reign supreme. This aligns perfectly with my belief in the potency of art as a transformative medium for personal development and societal change.

Your work with ‘Magnificent 7’ as a community radio host is another angle to your career that you excel in. How do your experiences in radio complement your career in acting?

Being a radio host helped me connect with people deeply. This experience teaches me about life and its many stories, which then go on to inspire my acting. On radio, it’s all about the voice and how you communicate to reach hearts. In acting, it’s about transforming yourself into different characters, feeling their emotions, and living their stories. Both roles require understanding people and their feelings, and both help to extend my creativity. By doing these two things, I can reach more people, helping them to feel understood and inspired. My goal in this journey is to make people realise that it’s never too late to dream and achieve big things.

With such a dynamic and multifaceted career, how do you find balance and maintain your passion for creativity in all your pursuits?

Finding balance in my busy career is all about staying true to myself and my passion for creativity. I love everything I do – whether it’s acting, radio hosting, working as a Director of Corporate Services. My passion is my fuel. I keep my heart full of joy and excitement by staying connected to my roots, the people I love, and the dreams I want to achieve. Even when I face challenges, I remember my journey, the hard-earned achievements, and the people I inspire. This motivates me to continue pushing forward. Moreover, I make sure to spend quality time with my family and take care of my wellbeing. After all, a happy heart makes a creative heart! Through this all, it’s nice to know that my work inspires others to follow their dreams, too.

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