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Meet Model & Entrepreneur Katerina Kautska

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Meet Model & Entrepreneur Katerina Kautska

Today we interview and explore the journey of Katerina Kautska. From her roots as a professional dancer in the Czech Republic to her flourishing career as a sought-after model in New York City, today, not only is she an established model but she is also an entrepreneur. As the founder of Katwalk Talent, she not only graces the runways of prestigious events like New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week but also empowers aspiring models to thrive in the competitive industry.

Can you share more about your journey from being a professional dancer in the Czech Republic to becoming a successful model in New York City? What inspired this transition?  

Growing up as a professional dancer in the Czech Republic laid the foundation for my journey.  The vibrant world of dance ignited my passion for self-expression. As I explored various dance  forms, I realized the captivating allure of combining movement with fashion. This revelation  inspired my transition to the modeling scene in New York City. The energy of the city, coupled  with its thriving fashion industry, fueled my aspirations. Witnessing the seamless blend of  artistry and style motivated me to channel my dance background into the dynamic realm of  modeling. It’s a journey of evolution and self-discovery, where each step in dance gracefully led  me to the catwalks of New York, embracing the beauty of both movement and fashion. 

You’ve excelled in aerobic, disco dance, and show dance, winning national competitions. How has your background in dance influenced your approach to modeling and the fashion industry? 

My extensive background in aerobic, disco dance, and show dance, marked by victories in  national competitions, has profoundly shaped my approach to modeling and the fashion  industry. Dance has instilled in me a deep appreciation for movement, poise, and expression.  In modeling, I bring the fluidity and grace acquired through dance to create dynamic and  captivating poses. The ability to convey emotions and tell a story through movement has  become a distinctive element in my modeling style. It’s not merely about static poses but a  choreography of elegance and flair. Moreover, the discipline and dedication cultivated in the  competitive dance arena have seamlessly translated into my work as a model. The fashion  industry demands precision, perseverance, and a commitment to continuous improvement –  values ingrained in me through years of dance training. Ultimately, my dance background  serves as a unique foundation, enriching my modeling journey with an artistic edge and a  profound understanding of the power of movement in the world of fashion. 

As Miss Aerobic Media 2017, how did participating in Miss competitions contribute to your growth and success in the modeling industry?  

Winning Miss Aerobic Media 2017 and participating in other Miss competitions greatly  contributed to my modeling success. These experiences provided visibility, enhanced my stage  presence, and opened doors to valuable connections and opportunities in the industry. The  titles became powerful assets, shaping my modeling career and establishing me as a  distinguished figure. 

Tell us about your experience transitioning from dance to modeling during your teens. What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?  

Shifting from dance to modeling during my teens brought challenges, including adjusting to  stillness and grasping the intricacies of the industry. Overcoming these hurdles meant seeking  guidance, persistently improving, and infusing my modeling style with a creative blend of  dance-inspired grace. 

Having pursued a baccalaureate degree in business and law in Prague, how has this educational background influenced your career in modeling and your role as the founder of Katwalktalent Talent? 

Since my teen years, I aspired to follow in my dad’s footsteps and venture into  entrepreneurship. However, the path remained unclear. Over the years, immersed in the  modeling industry and building connections, particularly in New York City with photographers,  models, designers, and diverse clients and brands, I realized it’s time to launch my own  agency, Katwalktalent .Through the experiences gathered over the years, I’ve gained insights  that I’m eager to share with other models. Opening Katwalktalent T allows me to assist them in  navigating the industry, securing opportunities, and pursuing their passions. It’s a culmination  of my journey in the modeling world, a platform to empower and uplift fellow models to thrive  in what they love. 

You’re currently signed with various agencies and have been part of commercials, New York Fashion Week runways, and Miami Swim Week. Can you share some memorable moments or highlights from your modeling career so far?  

One of my most cherished memories in modeling is being an extra for the TV show Westworld.  Acting alongside the incredibly talented Evan Rachel Wood was a surreal and unforgettable  experience that I will remember forever. Being part of such a renowned production and sharing  the screen with accomplished actors stands out as a highlight in my modeling career 

Another memorable experience in my modeling career is having the opportunity to walk for a  couple of celebrities and designers during prestigious events like New York Fashion Week and  Miami Swim Week. Strutting the runway for such iconic figures and showcasing their designs  added a unique and unforgettable dimension to my journey in the fashion industry 

What inspired you to establish Katwalktalent Talent, and how does the agency emphasize diversity in its representation of models in both New York City and Miami? 

there’s a distinct difference between modeling in New York and Miami. In Miami, the focus  often leans towards swimsuit modeling, given the vibrant beach culture. On the other hand,  New York emphasizes high fashion, with a diverse range of opportunities spanning runway and  editorial work. Each city brings its unique flavor to the modeling scene, contributing to a  dynamic and multifaceted career experience. 

As a digital creator and influencer, how do you choose the brands you collaborate with, and what do you enjoy most about this aspect of your career?  

What I enjoy most is the variety in my daily experiences. Some days, I’m working as a model  for photoshoots or runway shows, while other days, I focus on managing my agency or  contribute as a director on set. Creating content for diverse brands in fashion, beauty, and  lifestyle has been a rewarding journey. Over the past three years, I’ve had the pleasure of  collaborating with multiple amazing brands, and I’m excited to see what opportunities this year  will bring. 

With New York Fashion Week approaching, how do you balance showcasing your modeling prowess on the runway while scouting fresh talent for Katwalktalent? 

I’m thrilled about New York Fashion Week! February will be a dynamic month for me, with days  dedicated to runway appearances, scouting fresh talent for Katwalktalent, and serving as an  influencer. The mix of roles adds an exciting layer to the experience, and I can’t wait for a busy  yet fulfilling February. 

You’re actively involved in charitable endeavors. Can you tell us more about your recent charity event and your commitment to contributing positively to the community? How do you integrate philanthropy into your busy schedule?  

My most recent charitable involvement was with FDNY’s Humble Heroes, a cause close to my  heart. Engaging in community service, we disguised ourselves as the world’s mightiest  superheroes to uplift the spirits of sick, grieving, and unfortunate children. In addition to  actively participating in the charity event, I also contributed to its promotion, believing that  anyone can be someone’s hero through collective efforts to bring joy and comfort to those in  need.

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