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Marvelous Dream-Pop from Spain’s Terry vs. Tori – ‘Heathers’

Terry vs. Tori
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Marvelous Dream-Pop from Spain’s Terry vs. Tori – ‘Heathers’

Sevilla, Spain’s jangle-pop/dream pop foursome, Terry vs. Tori, releases their dazzling debut LP, Heathers.

In September, Fabrizio Lusso referred to the band’s sound as “timeless pop magic,” an apropos description, hitting the nail on the head.

Made up of Erica Pender, Manuel Jiménez, Pablo González and José Prieto, Terry vs. Tori’s music blends scrumptious dream-pop laced with dollops of shoegaze and jangle-pop, along with tasty tints of finessed hypnotic auras.

Chock-full of charming syrupy flavors on one level, there’s an unassuming dark ambiance flowing through their tunes, generating a beguiling air of mystery.

Embracing 10-tracks, Heathers begins with “Keepsake Box,” opening on an emergent drone, followed by the pulsating rhythm of the supple bassline and crisp drums. Gleaming guitars shiver and ripple on jangly tones while bewitching androgynous vocals enhance the lyrics wistful timbres.

Tracks not-to-be-missed include the gorgeous “Chambré,” gliding forth on glittering guitars and that oh so sinuous bassline, while Erica’s sublime voice infuses the lyrics with lush crystalline tones of speculation.

“Sometimes I don’t want to know / If you are real / If all the things that I said / Are not how I feel.”

“Ohio Blue Tips” rides darker throbbing colors gilded by sparkling accents, and then the shimmering guitars take control as the bassline moves and shifts effortlessly. Tantalizing and dreamy, Erica’s voice imbues the lyrics with simmering hues of yearning.

“Braille” drips with haunting pale, hazy colors, whereas “Driving Fast” rolls out on creamy, platinum textures, lingering on jangling surfaces. 

The intro to “Cascais” opens on a jangly spider’s web of iridescent guitar notes, followed by Erica’s pensive vocals.

“Heathers” closes the album out, galloping on lustrous, glittering veneers of silky shiny guitars, intertwining in frothing tessellations.

Sans a single lackluster track, Heathers projects a matchless quality of yummy, enchanting scintillates.

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