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Frozen Soul Unleashes Ruthless Death Metal – “Encased In Ice”

Frozen Soul
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Frozen Soul Unleashes Ruthless Death Metal – “Encased In Ice”

Dallas, Texas-based death metal outfit Frozen Soul unleashes the music video for “Encased In Ice,” a track from their forthcoming album, Crypt of Ice, slated to drop January 8 via Century Media.

Talking about the song, Frozen Soul says, “‘Encased in Ice’ represents all the terror, pain, and anguish in the world, sealed away to forever rot alone. We had an icy blast filming the video. It was an experience to die for!”

Made up of Chad Green (vocals), Michael Munday (guitar), Samantha Mobley (bass), Matt Dennard (drums), and Chris Bonner (guitar), Frozen Soul came together in 2018, followed by releasing a four-track demo in 2019 via California’s Maggot Stomp Records. The demo, entitled Encased In Ice, contains the band’s cover of “Witch’s Coven,” by Mortician.

In early March this year, Frozen Soul went into the studio to lay down tracks for their debut full-length album, the upcoming Crypt of Ice. Produced and mixed by the band’s former guitarist, Daniel Schmuck, the album encompasses 10-tracks of primeval, paleolithic death metal.

“Encased In Ice” opens on icy draughts of wind flowing into a dark, pensive guitar, and then mousses up to thick waves of Jovian guitars pushing out grinding black colors. Dennard’s flat-popping snare and Mobley’s punishing bassline infuse the rhythm with dread-like sensibility, quickly dismissed as brutally ferocious death metal riffs assume command, careening forward on fulminating energy.

Chad Green’s guttural vocals invoke malevolent chanting patterns, and complement the harmonics with gruff, rasping ejaculations rather than demonic yowls, demonstrating viscous, brawny finesse at once wickedly gripping and merciless.

A brusque breakdown shifts the song from sepulchral fury to sounds of fierce murder, followed by returning to a clotted, subterranean doom essence, and then revving back up to unadulterated rampaging death metal.

The video, directed by Tanner McCardle, depicts images of hoary, frigid landscapes with clips of shattered tesserae of gore and the band performing on stage, all shot through the ghostly, hazy glow of surreal foam.

Frozen Soul has it going on! Scorning mediocrity, they pump out the vast primitive power of old-school death metal.

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