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Greg Hoy Releases Potent “Can You Take It?”

Greg Hoy
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Greg Hoy Releases Potent “Can You Take It?”

Plug-in and play rocker Greg Hoy recently released the music video for “Can You Take?,” a track lifted from his forthcoming album, Cacophony (Part 1).

“Can You Take It?” echoes the age-old axiom “life is hard,” and then asks if you can take it or not.

Not your ordinary musician, Greg does it all: sings, composes, plays an array of instruments, produces, engineers, works in human resources, is an art director, and if that’s not enough, he is the CEO of a label.

Yet whatever he’s doing at any given moment, music is his number one passion.

According to Greg, “Music is in everything I do. Recruiting and hiring people is just like putting a band together. I’ve been fortunate that both sides of my brain work in tandem.”

With over 30 albums notched in his belt, released under a variety of names – The Royal Panics, Greg Hoy, Greg Hoy & The Boys, and Twice As Bright – Greg’s music is everywhere, including TV’s One Tree Hill, MTV’s Made, Adobe games, and American Express commercials, along with playing at SXSW, CMJ, Noise Pop, and the UK’s Latitude Festival.

At the age of 5, Greg’s obsession with music began, when his older brother insisted Greg listen to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” That’s when Greg discovered the emotional impact of music.

When he arrived at college, he began recording his own music, while also working on other bands’ recordings. In addition, he played live shows in bands, as drummer or guitarist or keyboardist.

Eventually, he started his own label, 30 Peak, where he produces, writes, and records.

“Can You Take It?” opens with Greg lying in bed, when Ice-T calls him, inquiring if he can take it? Rousing, punchy, pop-punk-laced guitars kick-off, riding a thrumming rhythm. Greg’s tight tenor infuses the lyrics with intense muscle, narrating the question of grit in the face of life’s obstacles.

“We never graduate / Schooled once again / In the simplest piece of our day / Here to litigate / Judge all the liars / Looking to a prophet to rage / You gotta stay domesticated.”

A gleaming, guitar-filled breakdown shifts the harmonics and then ramps back up to surging punk-flavored ferocity.

On “Can You Take?,” Greg Hoy pumps out brawny pop-punk energy.

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