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Imajn Nation Releases Gorgeous “How I Wish,” ft. Amanda Cole

Imajn Nation
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Imajn Nation Releases Gorgeous “How I Wish,” ft. Amanda Cole

Imajn Nation recently released the single/music video, “How I Wish,” featuring the exquisite voice of Amanda Cole.

The conceptual project of musician and producer Marc Freeman, Imajn Nation features the talents of Amanda Cole (vocals, songwriting), Marc Freeman (keyboards, drums, strings, horns, songwriting), Robbie Buchannan (keyboards), Dwight Watkins (bass), and William Green (piano).

Speaking to “How I Wish,” Marc shares, “We wanted to bring in 2021 a heartfelt and relatable song in the name of the ones we have lost. COVID-19 has been a very difficult time for us all, and we find that there’s nothing better than a soulful and raw song to bring us together and help keep alive the memory of those we love. Amanda is a truly gifted singer – we couldn’t have picked a better performer to deliver this utterly powerful song.”

Co-written by Amanda, “How I Wish” is a love song to the people we have lost and think about, saying hello and we miss you. Full of the ache of love and loss, the song presents profound emotions of adoration, affection, and the desire to be reunited once again.

“How I Wish” opens on a graceful, elegant piano, followed by the entry of Amanda’s opulent crystalline voice as alluring strings sweep across the background. When the rhythm takes hold, the melody flows on velvety textures of coloration. As the music gathers potency and resonance, Amanda’s crème de la crème timbres imbue the lyrics with deep passion, soaring to the heavens.

“I wish that you could see / You’re everything to me and more.”

Wonderfully wrought and arranged, “How I Wish” plumbs the depths of love and heartache.

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