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PICTURES Releases Luscious, Shimmering “Repeater”

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PICTURES Releases Luscious, Shimmering “Repeater”

Berlin-based indie-rock band PICTURES releases “Repeater,” a track lifted from their upcoming album, IT’S OK, releasing January 28, 2022, via Clouds Hill.

Guitarist/vocalist Maze Exler explains, “The turmoil of melancholy bubbles out of the song like carbonic acid from a just-opened can of Coke. It is everywhere and yet not tangible. Everything is unreal and only with us for a moment and then already somewhere else.”

PICTURES’ third album, IT’S OK follows Promise, Hysteria, and their documentary film, Könige der Welt (We Were Kings). PICTURES then shared the stage with Paul Weller and The Kaiser Chiefs.

Made up of Maze Exler (vocals/guitar), Ole Fries (guitar), Markus Krieg (bass), and Michael Borwitzky (drums), PICTURES’ sound reveals an inherent organicism, as well as lush layering.

A thick bassline and nuanced drums give “Repeater” an alluring rhythm as Maze’s passion-laced, yet melancholic tones infuse the lyrics with tinctures of sad timbres. The contrast between glossy, jangly guitars and the resonant bassline gives the tune dual, mirroring coloration. Suggestions of new wave music merge with modern indie-rock elements to offer smooth, sparkling hues.

“Fall and winter / Make you sorry / You’re still walking on and on / Over bridges / Over water / You are walking / On and on … Is there anyone at all / No, no / Is there anyone at all / No, no.”

Akin to The Killers covering the Beatles, “Repeater” delivers subtle rhythmic insinuations, moving from an oblique cadence to syncopated pulses. Gleaming guitars imbue the harmonics with iridescence.

Luscious jangly colors, plush sonic strands, and Michael’s stellar drumming inject the song with retro tangs.

“Repeater” demonstrates PICTURES’ flair for tantalizing textures and refined guitar textures, as well as delectable vocals.

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