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How to Grow on Spotify

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How to Grow on Spotify

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There is one fact that no one can argue with, the music streaming industry has been growing at a very rapid pace. Spotify has over 100 million paying users, and this is why we think it is a great idea for independent artists and labels to have a strong presence on this platform.

We have made a compilation of the six easy actions you can take that will go a long way in helping you succeed on Spotify. Give them a try.

1. “On air, on Spotify”

If you have music that is “on-air” – the means that it is on YouTube, Soundcloud, radio, or anywhere online – then you need to have it on Spotify. When you do this, you get the chance to monetize your music and encourage users to add you to their playlist and profile follows that will encourage more listening to your music.

2. Verify your profile

When you very your profile (just like on Twitter) you get the chance of communicating with your fans directly, and you will have the Spotify’s check of approval highlighted on your profile. The profile is going to help you in showing off your discography and also housing your biography, tour days, photos, merchandise, and toggling over to see the playlist on your profile.

There is a Spotify Social and Discover feed that gives you the chance of communicating with your fans, and the in-client messaging feature. When you release new music (album, EP, single), your fans are going to be notified through a push notification. They will also get a notification when new tracks are added to your playlist.

There is a Spotify Verification Request Form you can fill if you want to get verified.

3. Using Spotify as a channel to promote your music

You should see Spotify as a social network that gives you the chance of monetizing your content in a creative and promotional way. You can gain a follower base on Spotify, and this gives you a way to promote your music. Followers get notifications when you update your content and listening habits. On your social media accounts, share your Spotify profile because you will be able to drive more of your fans to Spotify, and get the chance of engaging with them more easily.

Below are some tips to use when you want to grow your Spotify followers:

  • Following artists you like, your fans will get the chance of discovering music you are into
  • Creating and sharing your playlist
  • Sharing your profile to social networks and encouraging your fans to comment (what tracks do they love the most)
  • Sharing albums and singles you are listening to, and asking fans to suggest playlist to follow
  • Adding Spotify links to video descriptions on platforms such as YouTube.
  • Having a Spotify Follow Button on your website so that the fans don’t have to leave your website for them to follow you.
  • Purchasing Spotify plays to boost your profile.

4. Creating quality playlists

Just the same way a DJ would have a mix for a club or radio station, streaming service uses a playlist as a way of sharing tracks and promoting discovery.

When creating your playlist, keep the following tips in mind:

Never have your account empty, there should always be one or two playlists

Focusing on a single playlist – you will be able to maintain and add to it consistently.

It is important to add tracks regularly. The more frequent you add, the bigger your playlist gets, and the better for you. When you update the playlist, it is going to appear in the Discover feeds of your fans, and users following your playlist are going to get a notification.

Sharing it. When you click on “share”, it ensures that your fans get it. there is a “share” button at the top of the page, or you can right-click (if you are using a Mac cmd+click) on the title then copy-paste the link to the social platforms you want to share it on.

Sharing with messages: when sharing the story, include texts so it can stand out.

Listening to music using your Spotify account. When you do this, you will appear in the live ticker feed, and you will be able to generate stories through Discover.

Adding a themed playlist. Once your one playlist has grown, you can start focusing on smaller and more niche playlist that center around certain themes or events.

5. Adding the Spotify Play Button on your site

There is an easy and quick embeddable code provided by Spotify that you can add to your site so that fans can listen to your discography and playlists. When you put the button on your site, visitors can listen to your music without leaving your site.

If you want the button, go to the track, album, or playlist then right-click, select “Copy Embed Code”. The code is going to be copied to your clipboard. When you paste this code into your site, the button is going to show up.

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