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How Lil Goodie is Bringing His Dancehall Drill Style to the Music Industry

Lil Goodie
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How Lil Goodie is Bringing His Dancehall Drill Style to the Music Industry

In a music industry that sees success in innovation, Lil Goodie is making huge strides. Since the release of his first single five months ago, he has created a new lane for himself called “dancehall drill.” A style of drill music that is danceable and international. The electric, jumpy, and high-paced songs align perfectly for partying, working out, and dancing.

Lil Goodie hails from Baltimore, but his sound is quite different from most Baltimore rappers. He encompasses sound from around the world, and his UK drill style aligns with his vision to bring connection between UK and US flows. He stated, “My music is for everyone to enjoy.  If you like to dance and have fun, then you will like my music.”

His inspiration comes from a desire to change lives. “I feel that music rally can inspire people to get up and make a significant change in their life whether financially, spiritually, or physically.” This vision aligns with his decision not to claim a city. His deviation from the traditional Baltimore style was aimed at “just making music that’s enjoyable.” 

New music is in the works for this young artist. April will see the single “How to Move” and in May “Line Em Up.” This will culminate in an EP at the end of 2021. “The album is going to have a Russ Millions and Fivio Foreign flow” that has “as many songs as possible that can be played in parties,” revealed Lil Goodie in an interview. Be sure to follow the journey of this up-and-coming artist.

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