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Chee Delivers Intense Bass Music on ‘Paralysis Analysis’

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Chee Delivers Intense Bass Music on ‘Paralysis Analysis’

Originally from Pretoria, South Africa, and now based in Philadelphia, bass music producer Chee unveils his brand-new EP, Paralysis Analysis, via Deadbeats.

Speaking to the EP, Chee shares, “It’s a body of work I’ve put so much effort into within the past three years. A lot of these tracks were made when I initially moved here to America. I have this weird habit of abandoning projects right before they’re finished. Fortunately, quarantining and being inside for so long helped me find them and finish them off. They all hold a special place in my heart because each track is from different stages of my production in the past three years. They’re all very different from each other and that was purposeful. The headspace I was in compiling this was actual paralysis analysis where I overthought what to do and froze on the idea until months after. The name honestly fits the reason why this exists.”

Raw, smoldering, rife with industrial accents, and shadow-filled, Chee’s unique sound caught the ears of Billboard’s 2020 List of Emerging Dance Artists, writing, “His brand of low-end sound design is unique: eerie and slow-burning, yet riveting and darkly beautiful.”

In 2017, Chee released his debut album, Fear Monger. Now, with the release of his second EP, Paralysis Analysis, Chee demonstrates precisely why many perceive him as the next big thing, as well as the future of innovative bass music. His supporters include megastars such as Noisia, Culprate, Amon Tobin, Mat Zo, and G Jones.

Encompassing five-tracks, Paralysis Analysis begins with “Wallflower,” opening on dark lysergic colors, trembling with smoldering energy. Industrial percolations lead into starkly mechanistic savors, rumbling and popping.

Highlights include “Fight Club,” with skittering effects rife with dark coloration, riding a throbbing, cavernous rhythm as shimmering, oscillating flavors imbue the tune with grinding, thumping textures. The future bassline on the track vibrates with viscous dynamics.

“Turn Up” features roiling sonic accents accompanied by thick waves of pulsing bass, while staccato vocals infuse the harmonics with aggressive timbres.

Paralysis Analysis delivers heady, potent bass music both innovative and inimitable.

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