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Music Video Captures the Frustration and Despair of Our Times Catlea’s “Broken Down” is a Plea to Humanity


Music Video Captures the Frustration and Despair of Our Times Catlea’s “Broken Down” is a Plea to Humanity

Music Video Captures the Frustration and Despair of Our Times Catlea’s “Broken Down” is a Plea to Humanity
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Catlea’s “Broken Down” is a Plea to Humanity

CINCINNATI, OH – Summer continues to heat up a world that feels like it’s been on fire for four years. The release of alt-indie artist Catlea’s latest video, “Broken Down” captures the frustration, desperation, and despair of millions of people in this unprecedented time.

Written by the 19-year-old musician and singer in 2016, “Broken Down” is a powerful song that is both a collective plea to humanity and a call for us individually — me, you, everyone — to wake up and take charge of our lives. The world is in turmoil. Every day brings a new injustice, a shattering of our societal values, and an assault on our personal well-being. Our democracy, our freedom, our very lives are threatened. We can’t turn a blind eye any longer.

It’s time to rise and take a stand. If not now, when?

 “I wrote “Broken Down” in response to the last US presidential election,” said Catlea.  “It was actually the second song I ever recorded, right after “Breathe Away.”  We held back the release for over a year anticipating the 2020 election season.” 

Catlea notes, “It’s even more relevant today. Just look around. The worldwide outcry to George Floyd’s murder and the peaceful social justice protests that were met with a violent response by the police; the botched COVID-19 pandemic; over 30 million people unemployed; record temperatures wildfires caused by climate change; kids in cages at the border, Russian interference in US and British elections, it’s an endless list of dark issues.”

“Broken Down” is meant to inspire listeners into action, to make their voices heard, to speak truth to power. We must act with urgency before it’s too late and time runs out.

“I’m passionate about a lot of causes and music is how I express that. If I can share a song that inspires others to make a difference, then I know I’m contributing to something larger than myself,” says Catlea.

Catlea’s sixth single boasts a heavier alt-rock sound reminiscent of Neil Young jamming with Coldplay’s Jonny Buckland. In this hard-rocking anthem are echoes of Young’s “Down by the River” fused with Coldplay’s hit, “Talk” resulting in an unforgettable song for our times. Since the song’s June 21 release, Catlea’s music has been streamed over 580,000 times.

“Broken Down” features Richie Terbush on electric and rhythm guitar, Matt Daugherty on drums, bass, and rhythm guitar, and Lee Dixon on electric guitar.  This soulful tune was produced by Matt Daugherty and mixed by Grammy-nominated producer Adam Pleiman. The vocals and guitar were recorded at Orange Whale Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. The video was produced and edited by Brian Sullivan.

For more information about the artist visit or contact David Rippe at, 513-253-4854.



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