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The Retro Gaming Craze And The Best Device For the Artist On The Go

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The Retro Gaming Craze And The Best Device For the Artist On The Go

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Gaming and Hip-Hop have been intertwined since the beginning. from the top rappers back in the day playing in the “Madden Bowl” every year, to some of the hottest rappers of today streaming games on twitch or being seen carrying their Nintendo Switches on red carpets. portable gaming devices are always a must have on the road for a lot of artists. and one of the biggest trends in gaming right now is retro handhelds. these are devices that use emulators to play older systems. from the Atari 2600 all the way up to the Wii and Ps2. a lot of these devices are small, pocketable and powerful. and right now the best of the lower priced (under $100) units is the Miyoo Mini Plus. this system looks like a really small gameboy with more buttons and can be found on sites like Go Game Geek and Amazon. this unit plays games up to Playstation 1 and can be modified with a custom firmware to change how the unit operates.and speaking of customisation, this unit can also be modded with different cases, skins and buttons and one of the leaders of Miyoo custom parts is a store called The Retro Source on Etsy. John Favale the owner is pretty much a one man army. printing and cutting everything and put quality first in his mods.

The Miyoo is the perfect device for a quick game while on a flight, the tour bus, killing time between studio sessions, or just out and about and for the average price of around$75-$80 its well worth it.with a 256 GB micro sd card (it comes wit a pre-loaded 120gb card)you could LITERALLY fit thousands of games on it. for the artist on the go, this is one of the best options you can have, and its only gonna get better from here.

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