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Acebergtm Drops Superb Debut EP – ‘Far From Home’

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Acebergtm Drops Superb Debut EP – ‘Far From Home’

Rap/R&B artist Acebergtm released his debut EP, Far From Home, a short time ago, via SJW Entertainment.

Talking about the EP, Acebergtm shares, “As a kid growing up in a city populated with creatives, ‘Far From Home’ was inspired by the thought of me trying to be abstract. As a rapper trying to show more versatility and fitting into my own niche in the music industry, the EP represents a journey, untold stories, and the passion for being extraordinary.”

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Acebergtm grew up immersed in an eclectic array of genres, while simultaneously being passionate about writing and poetry. Influenced by Wyclef Jean, he eventually fell under the spell of hip-hop and rap. By the time he was 15 years old, he was writing his own songs, followed by becoming part of the studio circuit, along with rising talents like Kel P, Phantom, Tempoe, WineXroll, JFred, Fredibeat, Oshobeats, Mcomms, and Graydon.

As he established himself in the Nigerian music scene, he developed his unique sound, a tasty blend of Afropop, Afrobeats, R&B, and Amapiano – a burnished sound both alluring and luxuriously irresistible.

Far From Home begins with “Rockstar,” a tantalizing, seductive tune riding a syncopated rhythm topped by gleaming, percolating colors and Acebergtm’s plush flow, at once exotic and erotic. “Slow Wine” merges magnetic Afrobeats with tropical savors. Rapid-fire flow gives the lyrics contagious bounce, while skiffing guitars add sparkling textures.

“Danca” features smooth, rippling hints of Afropop, Amapiano, jazz, and beguiling R&B-laced coloration. The polyrhythmic percussive taps and clicks pervade the cadence, infusing the tune with lush undulating pulses. The track conjures up memories of Sade, at the same moment sensuous and mesmerizing.

Laced with cool flavors of Latin-pop, “Bella” oozes swanky textures as Acebergtm’s deliciously appealing flow imbues the lyrics with quixotic tangs.

“Shorty you a fire pon the dance floor / Girl you know me like it when you whine slow / Na you be the one wey I dey die for / Anytime you like just call up my phone / Cos I want to be with you all night long / And no other girl dey do me like you.”

“What I Like” rolls out on cashmere harmonics as Acebergtm’s voluptuous flow infuses the lyrics with palpable posh aromas.

The final track, “Loyal,” travels on low-slung dark hues riding a measured, potent trap beat. Demonstrating his exquisite spitting flow, Acebergtm narrates the feelings associated with faithfulness.

Far From Home displays the finessed flow and dazzling songwriting ability of Acebergtm. This EP puts him on the map as a true star.

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